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Fresh Prince Outfits Returns on Peacock

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the ’90s hit television show, will be reborn this January on Peacock. This reboot will be the first of its kind in the streaming world. Interestingly, this isn’t a reboot of the ’90s era version of the show, but a reboot of the original series, so fans of the show will get the opportunity to enjoy the nostalgic good times again. And what’s more, you’ll get to see all of the show’s original cast including Will Smith and Tatyana Ali in their prime.

The show’s main characters are rich and famous in the city of Bel-Air. But despite their wealth, the characters are not all schnapps and glitz. For instance, Geoffrey, who is the house manager, doesn’t wear a uniform. In fact, he has the audacity to wear a fedora.

Aside from the usual suspects, the show also featured some newcomers, such as Lisa Wilkes, who starred in one episode as Will’s girlfriend. Indeed, Lisa’s name was not on Will’s lips for long, as he began dating a former girlfriend, Kayla Samuels. However, once they were officially dating, Will and Kayla bonded over their love of books. As a result, they took Kayla off her studies and began to enjoy their time together. Eventually, they became engaged.

The show was a cult favorite amongst its devoted audience, and there’s no doubt its popularity has made it a household name. Amongst Fresh Prince fans, there are several people who are ecstatic to know the show will be returning. The show is now scheduled to air the first three episodes this week. So, what’s next for this venerable series?

Of course, a good refresher course is in order. We can’t wait to see the show’s new facelift. Some of the most memorable characters will be back, such as Geoffrey, who is notably absent from the show’s original run. Other notable alumni include Stacey Dash, who starred in a handful of episodes as the show’s hapless aspiring actress, Kayla Samuels. Besides the show’s original cast, we’ll also be seeing an all-new cast, a revamped ensemble highlighting a handful of notable execs, and a few new faces.

Aside from the new hors d’oeuvre, fans of the show will also be treated to an all-new set of characters and storylines. The show’s new incarnation will be titled Bel-Air, and is slated to premiere on Super Bowl Sunday in 2022. Although the newest version isn’t quite as edgy as its predecessor, it’s clear that the show hasn’t aged a day. It’s still a blast to watch, and the actors and actresses haven’t lost a jot of their charm. Whether the show is able to recapture the original show’s magic is another matter, but at least we’ll have an excuse to revisit the show’s glory days. Until then, we’ll just have to continue reliving the show’s halcyon days with a few episodes at a time.

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