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Lively Olive in Port Townsend, Washington, is Growing

Studies indicate that olive oil’s heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and antioxidants may reduce inflammation while offering protection against cancer (2, 3, 4).

But too much olive oil can add calories. Plus, leaving it sitting around on your countertop could cause it to oxidize, producing unpleasant flavors and nutrients being lost along the way.

Early Life and Education

Burrell Olive and his wife settled on a small tract of land in Chatham County, North Carolina. Burrell was an unassuming individual with an education similar to most people of his day; thus becoming a successful farmer and citizen. Although not aiming for fame himself, Burrell Olive’s descendants remain thrifty and hardworking individuals; many advocating peace and opposing oppression.

From birth to eight years old is a key timeframe for brain development and learning potential. According to UNESCO, inclusive early childhood care and education is one of the best investments a country can make; it promotes emotional wellbeing while supporting holistic development such as gender equality and social cohesion.

Professional Career

As a backend engineer at Olive, you will lead the design and development of customer-facing applications. Your responsibilities will include architecting solutions for customer challenges while writing maintainable code as well as supporting internal teams responsible for other layers of our product infrastructure.

Rosa Vano risked her career prospects to join her family’s gourmet olive oil business – potentially forgoing security and family planning opportunities along the way – but her dedication has paid off, earning her a gold medal at this year’s NYIOOC competition.

An expert panel will guide you on an unforgettable tour through the fascinating world of Italian olive oils. From olive grove to mill and bottle, learn how to select and taste quality extra virgin olive oil and its uses in cooking and health applications.

Achievement and Honors

Croatia has already won record-setting results at the 2022 NYIOOC competition, earning multiple awards to prove they possess one of the world’s strongest olive oil production systems.

KeremZait producers pride themselves on producing extra virgin olive oils in an ecologically sensitive fashion within Hula National Reserve, where groves border wetlands that host migrating birds and aquatic plants.

Solare, made from Gentile di Larino and Koroneiki cultivars, earned them a Gold Award and showcased their company’s dedication to creating products with balanced fruitiness and subtle bitterness. Furthermore, producers also offered field blends that showed their approach to olive cultivation processes.

Personal Life

Sandy Spencer brought together her retail experience, passion for cooking and love of quality olive oil to launch Lively Olive in Port Townsend’s historic downtown in 2013. Through meticulous research she stocks only ultra premium extra virgin olive oils and authentic balsamic vinegars. In addition to these outstanding offerings she also provides delicious pastas and specialty food items produced in Italy as well as some uniquely Washington State and California products to round out her extensive selection.

Lively Olive Club members are among a privileged few Americans able to take pleasure in authentic fresh-pressed Italian oil directly from Tuscan hills – directly delivered right to their homes! Enjoying this delicacy for less than the cost of one restaurant dinner for three months is truly priceless, as is your well-being and you deserve it!

Net Worth

These oils bring both vibrant flavors and superior health benefits when drizzled onto salads, bread slices, or vegetables roasted over fire – not to mention supporting communities of olive farmers! Each tin helps sustain these amazing agricultural communities!

Sandy Spencer combined her years of retail experience and passion for cooking to launch Lively Olive in 2013, providing only ultra-premium olive oil and balsamic vinegars from all around the world. To complete her exquisite selection, she added delicious pastas made in Italy along with special items made in Washington State and California as well.

Look for “Harvest Date” instead of a “Best By” date to ensure freshness; buying directly from producers ensures their hard work will pay off!

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