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Luca Entertainment Review

Luca is an engaging tale about friendship and stepping outside your comfort zone, complete with gorgeous sun-dappled animation and delightful comedy.

It is an ode to Italy, carefree summers and Vespas with an evergreen theme suitable for the whole family. Starring Jacob Tremblay as Luca and Jack Dylan Grazer as Alberto.

Early Life and Education

Luca is one of New York’s foremost event and public relations entrepreneurs as well as an internationally acclaimed guitarist. Boasting over 700K social followers on social media and countless high-profile performances, his creativity and unparalleled talent have led global media outlets like NME and Guitar World to praise him with the title ‘Phenomenon.

Daniela and Lorenzo Paguro, his parents, are well-intentioned individuals. However, they also impose strict rules which are meant to keep Luca safe: never approach surfaces!

Casarosa found his inspiration for the tale of Luca from his childhood in Genoa, Italy and mythology such as kitsune foxes and selkies as well as classic Italian films from Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli. Portorosso in Portorosso is loosely based on where Casarosa spent summer holidays as well.

Professional Career

Jacob Tremblay voices Luca, an introverted sea monster living his days underwater off Italy’s coastline. However, when he meets Alberto Scorfano (It star Jack Dylan Grazer), everything changes for Luca as their friendship opens up the world above water level and forces him out of his shell.

Emma Berman plays Giulia Marcovaldo, an outcast local teenager. To prepare for this role, Berman took voice lessons and visited an Italian restaurant to immerse herself in its language.

Pixar has once again challenged children’s entertainment with Luca, their latest high-concept film featuring exceptional young voice talent and a charming narrative that will appeal to both adults and kids.

Achievement and Honors

Ricoh UK employees were extremely enthusiastic in their praise of Luca at several of our events and he never failed to amaze them with his professionalism, punctuality and host of entertaining tricks that will keep attendees amused! We will definitely use Luca again!

Jacob Tremblay from Room fame voices Luca, a shy but friendly sea monster whose quiet life off of Italy’s coast is suddenly altered when he encounters free-spirited teenage sea creature Alberto (It actor Jack Dylan Grazer). After meeting each other they spend their days hanging out together at the beach and competing in local competitions such as swimming races or pasta eating contests.

Casarosa and his cast of voice actors successfully convey themes of self-discovery, adventure and family with an engaging approach. Luca serves as an affectionate love letter to Italy and summertime summer adventures filled with new friends, Vespas and discoveries to be made all around us.

Personal Life

In addition to his acting career, Luca heads the marketing and biz dev for one of New York City’s trendiest clubs. His passions lie with rap music, basketball and Italian traditions.

Travel vlogger Alex has amassed an enormous fan base through his popular YouTube travel vlogs. His videos leave viewers with an appreciation of life’s simpler things. Alex and Sara also run LeAw Leave Everything and Wander Vlog which chronicles life on the road in their $800 truck camper.

Enrico Casarosa, director of Luca, has stated that his film draws its inspiration from his friendship with another boy while growing up. These experiences allowed him to create relatable characters like those seen in Luca and Alberto; such as when they lie about their origins to impress people.

Net Worth

This film’s unabashed celebration of regional Italian sounds, foods, and slang – combined with its brilliant voice cast including Jacob Tremblay as Luca, Jack Dylan Grazer as Alberto Scorfano, and Emma Berman as Giulia Marcovaldo – create an authentic yet relatable tale of childhood friendship that is also filled with heart and warmth.

Luca demonstrates an astute business mind through his various entrepreneurial pursuits, from fashion collaborations to the launch of his eyewear line. Additionally, he’s active in philanthropy by using his fame to raise awareness for social and environmental causes.

Luka stands 6 feet 1 inch and boasts an attractive appearance and healthy physique. In order to ensure his physical fitness remains at peak levels, he follows an active diet and fitness routine.

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