Luca Salves

Luca Salves – The Man Behind Real Housewives of Dubai 2022

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Lucas Salves remains unknown to the general public due to his personal and professional details remaining unknown; however, he is married to Chanel Ayan who is widely-recognized model and reality show actress.

Early Life and Education

Luca Salves is an influential businessman whose wife Chanel Ayan has gained notoriety thanks to her role on reality show Real Housewives of Dubai. Their son Taj has followed in Chanel Ayan’s footsteps and embarked on modeling career of his own.

Eliza Lucas was born in 1722 on Antigua in British West Indies to Lt. Colonel George Lucas of the British army and his wife. She received formal education in England, learning French, music, and other traditionally feminine subjects; yet discovered her passion in botany.

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Professional Career

Lucas has excelled at various roles within the yachting industry. He has over 15,000 sea miles under his belt as a professional skipper and RYA sailing instructor, building relationships with yacht owners, crew and guests to help them meet their goals on the water.

Lucas earned one of two spots on the 1960 U.S. Olympic team despite an abysmal Olympic Trials performance due to fatigue from competing in an NCAA championship game and signing by cash-strapped Cincinnati Royals which had been losing attendance. Lucas helped increase ticket sales for their struggling club that had previously seen attendance decline.

He served as head tennis professional at the Palencia Club in St. Augustine, Florida for one season and led his team to victory at the ASUN championship match. Additionally, he has served as assistant coach at South Carolina for three years – helping make their program into one of the top ten ITA teams.

Achievement and Honors

Luca Salves has proven his business acumen with his successful ventures. On top of being an entrepreneur, he is also an award-winning husband and father; together with Chanel Ayan they share custody of Taj who lives with them in Dubai.

Luca has received many honors and recognition in music as well. His best-known remixes are for Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang”, 21 Savage’s “Bank Account” and Desiigner’s “Panda”.

Luca Salves is an extremely private person, rarely speaking openly about his private life. Married for over two decades to Chanel Ayan and mothering Taj, their close-knit family lives an exclusive lifestyle.

Personal Life

Luca Salves is the husband of Kenyan supermodel Chanel Ayan who appeared on Real Housewives of Dubai 2022 as one of its stars. Chanel Ayan made waves as Dubai’s first Black supermodel; additionally she runs her own talent agency and makeup line known as AYAN Beauty by Toni Malt.

She and her husband have been happily married for more than 20 years. After meeting each other in Brazil and getting married when she was 17, the couple moved temporarily to the USA before finally settling down in Dubai where they reside today.

Information regarding their children remains scarce, while details regarding Luca’s religious and spiritual practices remain vague, further adding an air of mystery.

Net Worth

Luca Salves does not disclose his exact net worth. However, as an entrepreneur he owns property both in America and Kenya. Furthermore he works in the entertainment industry as a model/artist/model as well as being an avid traveler visiting various parts of the globe.

His wife Chanel Ayan was the first Black supermodel from Dubai and they currently reside there together where Ayan runs her own talent agency and makeup line; she has also appeared on Real Housewives of Dubai franchise.

This couple have an 18-year old son named Taj who has followed in their footsteps by pursuing modeling as well. They had an intimate wedding in Brazil with only 15 guests attending. They met when they were 17 and have been in relationship for over 20 years now.

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