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Dedicated Collection – Lucas Beaufort

Lucas Beaufort’s passions in life include music, art and skateboarding – these three areas fuelling his artistic output are also what fuels his vibrant palette and playful characters like flower-wielding Gus Gus which make his work perfect for our Dedicated collection.

He is also an accomplished painter, muralist, world traveler and author of an book dedicated to print culture.

Early Life and Education

Lucas Beaufort has long been an avid skater. Late in life, however, he began using paintbrush to express himself creatively through monster illustrations which quickly rose in popularity among both skate magazines and murals worldwide.

He has taken his passion for printed media into a feature length documentary film titled Devoted and collaborated with brands like Vans and Burton while running Art Camp as his own creative outlet. Additionally, he serves as an encouragement figure who encourages others to pursue their goals with passion.

Lucas Beaufort collaborated with us on this special collaboration of sneakers and beach towels featuring his eyeless character Gus Gus holding flowers as his weapon to spread love. Handcrafted using organic cotton fabric and sustainably sourced leather from certified tanneries; shoes feature waxed cotton laces with full grain leather heels for the best possible result.

Professional Career

Lucas Beaufort is an inspired painter combining elements of abstraction and figuration in his distinctive artworks, exploring connections with the world around him. From interwoven net-like murals to tessellating patterns and the hero character ‘Gus Gus,’ Beaufort’s work expresses both infectious positivity and an easygoing DIY attitude.

Cannes native Patrick de La Gardie first gained recognition for his unique drawings featured on skate magazine covers. Now his artistic endeavors extend into paintings as well. As his paintings bring energy and joy into skating, we partnered with him on our Stockholm men’s collection that displays his signature prints.

Achievement and Honors

Beaufort’s paintings capture his dreams and his affinity for connecting with people, reflecting his personal desire to connect to his surroundings and others. His art is deeply intertwined with print and skateboarding cultures – two passions of his that he enjoys deeply.

Thrasher and Snowboard Mag have both used his illustrations for publications and brands like Thrasher and Airblaster, among many others. Furthermore, this talented artist has produced many murals as part of his collaborations and made many murals himself!

Lucas is an emerging young artist with an eye for beauty and color who is highly sought-after by collectors around the globe. He has won multiple awards and accolades, such as being honored as Best of Show at Florida Art & Culture Center in Orlando.

Personal Life

Beaufort is an avid traveler, mural artist, and advocate for skate culture. He has dedicated his life to sharing his vision with others; serving as something of a spiritual guide who inspires people to pursue their goals regardless of obstacles in the way.

Cannes native Clae embodies an infectious DIY spirit and positivity that’s evident throughout his work, including our latest collaboration featuring his eyeless character Gus Gus holding up a flower as his “weapon to spread love”. This combination of vibrant colors, skate culture and photography will bring any adventurer joy!

Net Worth

Artist Jonathan Bechara’s playful monsters and simple lines have made an appearance everywhere from skateboard decks and restaurants to hotels and the streets of Montreal. Like a modern-day spirit godfather, his work encourages people to say “fuck it” and pursue their goals no matter how daunting they may seem.

His work is interwoven with street art and skateboarding – two of his abiding passions – which often combine abstract patterns with more recognizable shapes such as flowers, animals, or people – each piece imbued with his nonjudgmental philosophy.

Beaufort’s talents extend well beyond canvas painting; he also paints public murals at skateparks worldwide and designs graphics for skateboards and other products, creating films, photos and illustrations as part of contemporary skate culture.

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