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Profile of Lucas Graffiti, Star Wars, and Radar Creative

Drew leads multidisciplinary teams through long-term projects and scales them according to client needs, most recently overseeing all custom digital media for Radar Creative’s first large-scale immersive content project, Energy City.

He has served as guest faculty at the Highlands Chamber Music Festival and taught at Brevard Music Center, Indiana University and Stetson University; additionally leading workshops throughout Central and South America.

Early Life and Education

Lucas was raised on a walnut ranch near Modesto, California and attended Modesto Junior College and later the University of Southern California, where he co-wrote and directed American Graffiti which went on to be a major box office hit and was honored with five Academy Awards.

Four years later, Lucas joined forces with Francis Ford Coppola to form American Zoetrope, producing their feature film THX 1138 to critical and audience acclaim.

Lucas Drew is Professor Emeritus at the Frost School of Music, University of Miami and Principal Double Bass Emeritus with the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra. Additionally he founded and artistic director emeritus of Highlands-Cashiers Chamber Music Festival (1982-1999). Lucas studied double bass under Allen Warner, Dmitri Shmuklovsky and Edward Krolick; as well as coaching under Frederick Zimmermann.

Professional Career

Lucas assisted Truman during his arduous presidential campaign and helped the Democrats retake control of the Senate. Additionally, he continued his musical work by performing at various venues and teaching university music schools.

Lucas quickly attracted the interest of two pro basketball leagues–the NBA and ABL–due to his ability to draw crowds. Both leagues offered him contracts because of his immense popularity with fans.

He realized the ABL had the superior business plan, so he made his decision based on that league. By rejecting NBA contract offers and choosing ABL instead, he managed to stay with Royals.

Lucas would like to explore various career options before settling on one. He has expressed an interest in 2d animation storyboarding as well as working with animals at vet clinics – even drawing some sketches of cats and dogs!

Achievement and Honors

Lucas co-wrote and directed American Graffiti and Star Wars, both box office hits with critical acclaim and numerous awards to their names. These intergalactic tales of good versus evil combined cutting-edge technology with traditional storytelling techniques; since then movies have never been the same again.

Lucas established and developed multiple companies and brands beyond film and music: Lucasfilm Ltd, Industrial Light & Magic, Skywalker Sound and THX division to set and maintain high-quality standards for theaters and home entertainment systems; additionally he is Chairman of the George Lucas Educational Foundation which strives to transform education through technology.

Drew is an esteemed bassist who has performed and taught extensively. He is well known as one of the guest artists at the Highlands-Cashiers Chamber Music Festival as well as being on faculty at Brevard Music Center, Indiana University Dartmouth College and Stetson University.

Personal Life

Drew is a distinguished retired double bassist and author. He served as professor emeritus of Frost School of Music University of Miami as well as principal bassist emeritus of Florida Philharmonic Orchestra, and as director for Highlands-Cashiers Chamber Music Festival (NC).

Lucas collaborated on Gimme Shelter alongside fellow USC alum and future Star Wars co-writer Randal Kleiser. Additionally, Lester Novros offered a course entitled Filmic Expression that focused on non-narrative elements of cinema such as color, light and movement.

Lucas formed American Zoetrope alongside fellow USC graduate and future film director Francis Ford Coppola upon graduating, adapting his student short Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB into American Graffiti which proved both critical and commercially successful.

Net Worth

American Graffiti and Star Wars, two movies he is best-known for, have grossed billions worldwide. Additionally, he has written and produced several other movies.

He was also the executive producer for Red Tails, an account of Tuskegee Airmen. For his efforts in film, he received numerous honors and awards.

Joyner Lucas is an outstanding musician who has become a chart-topping artist thanks to his chart-topping songs. His large and devoted fan base appreciates his raw lyrics and captivating narratives; in turn he uses this platform to tackle social issues such as racism and mental health. Furthermore he makes a healthy living from his career and various streams of income.

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