Lucas Thomashow

Lucas Thomashow – Senior Vice President of SELENE at Avex USA

Lucas Thomashow serves as Senior Vice President at Avex USA, overseeing label, publishing and music tech investments for Avex USA.

Naoki Osada, president of Avex, hired Thomashow from Brat TV and Google. According to Osada, Thomashow has an in-depth knowledge of music and business.

He has formed relationships with TikTok influencers such as Ari Elkins. Many of Elkins’s videos feature themed playlists.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Lucas Thomashow has extensive music industry experience. He has held various roles for multiple labels and currently acts as Senior Vice President of SELENE at Avex USA, overseeing their US label, publishing division, and tech investments.

Formerly, he served as executive VP of Sony Music Nashville’s RCA Inspiration division, where he signed numerous popular Gospel artists. Additionally, he was responsible for A&R hit singles by Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion and Bernard “Harv” Harvey that reached Billboard No.1.

He is also the creator of Over Under, which features a musician performing songs while she cooks against an empty wall. Additionally, Red Hot Kitchen contains recipes for classic Asian chili sauces from scratch as well as delicious dishes to create with them.

Personal Life

Lucas Thomashow serves as Senior Vice-President for Avex USA. In this capacity, he oversees their strategy and operations, with responsibility spanning labels, publishers and tech investments. Lucas joined Avex USA in 2020 after working for Google and prior experience at Brat TV.

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Thomashow has experience running his own label through Selene, founded by him in 2021. Many of its signees boast massive followings on TikTok – which underscores just how effective TikTok can be as an avenue for discovering talent.

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