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Lucid Proxy Adds CFO Sherry House

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This communication includes forward-looking statements. These statements are based on various assumptions and reflect Lucid’s and CCIV’s assessments as of the date of this communication.

Early Life and Education

Lucid Air’s leadership team is growing as it prepares to achieve two major milestones planned in 2021: listing as a public company and beginning customer deliveries of Lucid Air. Sherry House joins as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), bringing experience in global financial operations at Waymo as well as private equity firms.

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This communication contains forward-looking statements. These represent Lucid’s and CCIV’s current assessments of future events and conditions; however, these forecasts could differ significantly from reality due to numerous risks which could cause actual results to differ significantly from their projections.

Achievement and Honors

Sherry House, Sherry House CCIV/CCIV’s Chief Financial Officer With two decades of leadership and technology expertise at world-class companies like Apple, Jaguar and Intel, Sherry brings depth and breadth to Lucid’s leadership team. Her accomplishments include an in-depth knowledge of automotive manufacturing across its entirety as well as driving change within organizations – driving Lucid to its next major milestones – becoming a public company and beginning customer deliveries of its all-new Lucid Air vehicle.

Net Worth

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Investors can assess Lucid’s profitability indicators through an examination of its public financial statements and comparative company analysis, or through comparative company valuation to gain more in-depth understanding of its true underlying value.

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