Ludacris Illinois

Who is Ludacris Illinois?

Christopher Brian Bridges, better known by his stage name Ludacris, is a multi-platinum “Dirty South” hip hop artist and actor with multiple platinum certifications to his name. Additionally he runs his own record label as well as being an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

He is best known for his lively lyrics and “Dirty South” sound, and more recently ventured into acting by appearing in Fast and Furious film franchise.

Early Life and Education

Ludacris, born Christopher Bridges, began writing his first rhymes at age 9 and joined his first rap group three years later. He credits his mother with keeping him off the streets and studying hard throughout his childhood years. Bridges remains one of the only rap superstars who also maintains a career on the business side of music as label executive, restaurateur and philanthropist.

Popularized for his boisterous lyrics and Dirty South school of hip-hop, entertainer Big Krsna’s larger-than-life persona propelled him to mainstream success. His breakthrough hit came with Back for the First Time in 2000; since then he released three more albums while touring with Disturbing Tha Peace posse and owning both Chicken-n-Beer restaurant and liquor company.

Professional Career

Ludacris is best-known for his exuberant rapping persona and Dirty South style of hip-hop music, an exuberant profanity-laced musical genre. He founded Disturbing Tha Peace record label and won Screen Actors Guild, Critic’s Choice, and MTV awards.

His notable roles include Tej Parker in the Fast and Furious franchise; this role will return for Fast X.

Bridges has distinguished himself both as an entrepreneur and rapper, releasing his fourth album and his own headphones line in 2008. Additionally, he founded The Ludacris Foundation and holds shares in Conjure cognac; additionally he married Gabonese model Eudoxie Mbouguiengue and now has two children, Cadence Gaelle and Cai Bella.

Achievement and Honors

Ludacris has amassed numerous honors throughout his career. Aside from being an award-winning rapper and actor, he also owns a record label and restaurant as well as being an active philanthropist, helping found The Ludacris Foundation which connects young people through music and other artistic mediums.

His first album Incognegro was an immediate regional success, while his 2000 release Back for the First Time made him a national phenomenon. That record’s success inspired several follow-up projects including Word of Mouf, Chicken-n-Beer and Release Therapy.

His musical career may have been successful, yet not without controversy. For instance, some have taken issue with the explicit sexually-themed lyrics found in songs like “What’s Your Fantasy?,” such as those featured on that track’s hit song.

Personal Life

Ludacris’ humor, quick delivery and catchy hooks have won him worldwide fame. His playful style combines well with introspective lyrics that explore personal experiences as well as social commentary to become one of music’s premier entertainers.

Bridges is co-founder of Disturbing the Peace record label and has earned numerous accolades including Grammy, MTV Critics’ Choice and Screen Actors Guild awards for his efforts. Additionally he serves as an artist-in-residence at Georgia State University as well as mentoring students through its Creative Media Industries Institute.

At 5 feet 8 inches, Ludacris enjoys leading a healthy lifestyle and sporting an athletic physique which enhances his on-screen presence. Furthermore, as an avid philanthropist he established the Ludacris Foundation which works to empower youth in underserved communities – his charitable contributions having earned him worldwide renown.

Net Worth

Ludacris is one of the best-known rappers worldwide, and his fame extends well beyond music into acting and other business endeavors. These avenues have helped make him rich and successful.

He also owns his own line of headphones and cognac, has signed endorsement deals with Tag body spray and Trojan condoms, is part of a chain of restaurants called Chicken N Beer, created a parody word game of Words with Friends as well as being involved with several non-profit foundations.

He owns significant real estate. In 2007, he paid over $1 Million for a condo and then upgraded to a $4.8 Million mansion in Hollywood Hills complete with sauna and tree house.

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