Luis Fonsi Ex Wife Cancer

Luis Fonsi and His Wife Cancer

Luis Fonsi and Adamari Lopez were one of the most talked about couples of the last decade. They met in the United States and later started dating, and they were engaged in 2004. However, they eventually separated in 2010. After a year, Fonsi filed for divorce.

A year after their divorce, Lopez was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent surgery, and then she had a partial mastectomy. Her recovery was made more complicated because of her medical problems. At the time, she was in the middle of her tour.

The news of her diagnosis prompted a lot of controversy. Some people said that Fonsi had been having an affair with his wife. Others said that he had been neglecting her. In a recent interview, however, Fonsi opened up about their divorce.

Both Fonsi and Lopez said that they would never talk about their decision publicly, but they did refuse to discuss it in private. This is why they did not mention their decision on Twitter and other social networks.

It is important to remember that Fonsi and Lopez’s separation was not a happy time. Their marriage was undergoing several difficult times, and it was only after Lopez had recovered from her illness that they were able to make it work.

Fonsi is a Puerto Rican singer who has worked in many local boy bands, including El Reencuentro and Big Guys. He also studied vocal techniques at Florida State University. During his time at the university, he was offered a contract by a major recording company. But he declined the offer because he wanted to continue his studies in Orlando.

When Lopez was a cancer patient, Fonsi joined her in her treatment. As a result, she was able to travel to different treatment facilities. And when she was able to recover, she was also able to resume her singing career.

Before the divorce, the two of them had been living together. During this time, they began touring and promoting their songs. One of their most popular songs is “Abrazar la Vida”. That song reached number one in Puerto Rico and other Spanish-speaking countries. The song was later released by Universal’s Spanish music label.

The couple has since become more famous than ever before. In fact, Lopez has been a Weight Watchers ambassador and she recently welcomed a baby girl into the world. Despite the controversy surrounding the divorce, Luis Fonsi and Adamari have managed to rebuild their lives and they are now considered the hottest couple of the last decade.

Although their relationship is over, both of them have shown great forgiveness for their infidelity. While Luis Fonsi is no longer married to Lopez, he still maintains contact with her through social media and his daughter Mikaela.

Luis Fonsi’s ex-wife is a Spanish-speaking actress, singer, and model. He and Agueda Lopez, who is a model and actress, are celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary this year. Having children is a miracle.

Currently, Luis Fonsi is working on his fifth album, which he is planning to release in 2006. His new song, Corazon en la maleta, will be his farewell to Adamari.

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