Maison Herout

Maison Herout – A Forerunner in Organic Cider and Calvados Production Excellence

Maison Herout prides itself on maintaining traditional techniques for producing Ciders & Calvados, from harvesting through natural fermentation and distillation.

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Early Life and Education

Maison Herout is a family-run estate located in Auvers in Normandy that specializes in producing cider and Calvados from apple harvests since 1946. As one of the pioneers in organic production excellence, Herout oversees all steps from natural fermentation for their Cider to distillation for their Calvados production to ensure it meets their stringent quality standards.

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Professional Career

Maison Herout has been at the forefront of organic cider and calvados production since 1946 in Auvers, Normandy. Utilizing apples from their own Cotentin Peninsula orchards as raw materials for natural fermentation to distillation processes to deliver products with unmatched quality and taste.

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Achievement and Honors

Maison Herout was established in Auvers by newlyweds Marie-Therese and August Herout after they married in 1946. With roots firmly embedded in Normandy France’s Cotentin peninsula, their passion for cider-based production runs deep. As an organic production pioneer since the 1970s, their dedication lies in upholding traditional methods while pioneering organic production excellence.

The estate produces vintage ciders at each harvest, featuring dry, complex flavours with notes of orange citrus, earth and forest floor with dried peach parchment apple finishes – this unique and complex style of cider has received multiple awards including CiderCraft magazine Platinum award in their Natural Category 2021.

Maison Herout offers an artisanal process from apple harvest through natural fermentation in bottle for Ciders and distillation for Calvados – offering an exclusive selection of beverages suitable for before dinner aperitifs and after dinner digestifs.

Personal Life

Marie-Agnes Herout, from Normandy’s Cotentin peninsula, continues a family tradition and maintains her expertise through organic cider production since the 1970s on her family farm.

The Herout Estate boasts an assortment of organic, natural products such as Cidre de Cotentin AOP, Calvados AOC, Pommeau de Normandie AOC and Blanche d’Alambic ciders – each one boasting distinct tastes from fresh apple to subtle berry notes! Their artisanal ciders also provide a range of unique experiences from simple tart to complex blends.

Herout prides itself on producing authentic, traceable and quality products using organic certified apples which are carefully fermented in bottle before being distilled to create high-end calvados, pommeau and apple juices. All Herout products are meticulously produced from their orchard to their finished products with great care.

Net Worth

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Maison Herout of Auvers was established in 1946 as an innovative producer of organic cider production. Utilizing 100% bio orchards and striving to maintain traditional techniques, they produce several cuvees of Cidre Cotentin AOP, Normandy Pommeau AOC and Calvados AOC (Jeune, VSOP and XO), plus apple juice.

All products are created according to traditional artisanal methods using natural fermentation in bottles without pasteurization, using local varieties of cider apples grown on our orchard for cider production.

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