Maluma’s Sister

Manuela Londono Arias – Maluma’s Sister

Manuela Londono Arias is the sister of Maluma. They share an extremely close bond and often dedicate pictures from family albums as gifts for one another.

Marlli is an amazing mother to her son, regularly accompanying him on concerts and world tours. She has amassed an enormous following on social media thanks to adorable posts featuring both herself and her son on her page.

Early Life and Education

Maluma has achieved much in his young life. Beginning to compose his debut song ‘No Quiero’ at just 15 years old, and making waves within the music industry ever since. Additionally, Maluma has made waves within fashion circles through modeling for Calvin Klein as well as attending various shows where he sits front row.

Manuela and her talented brother-in-law live together happily in Medellin and share an exceptional bond, often being seen together at events and occasions. Her talented brother has posted many beautiful pictures of Manuela on social media that feature the two together; sometimes with matching outfits in some images! Manuela studied Psychology and Philosophy before getting married to live there together with their respective husbands.

Professional Career

Maluma has built an outstanding career in music by dedicating himself to his creative passions. His style has earned him numerous sold-out concerts around the globe. Maluma also displays strong humanitarianism by founding El Arte de los Suenos Foundation to assist children living in challenging neighborhoods.

Marlli Arias and Luis Londono have always been extremely proud of his musical success and are immensely supportive. He has amassed an immense fan base on social media and remains one of the most acclaimed Latin artists today with hit songs like Pretty Boy Dirty Boy, F.A.M.E and 11:11.

Achievement and Honors

Maluma (born Juan Luis Londono Arias), has earned many acclaims and awards during his musical career. He has released chart-topping singles as well as worked alongside some acclaimed artists.

Philanthropically, he is well known and has donated to various charitable causes. Furthermore, his active social media presence and dual fluency in English and Spanish helps him connect with a diversified fan base.

Manuela is Manuel’s older sister and has studied both psychology and philosophy. She lives with Romeo and Apolo in Medellin with their respective mother’s in order to run El Arte de los Suenos Foundation.

Manuela recently celebrated her niece’s birth with an Instagram post.

Personal Life

Manuela Londono Arias is Maluma’s sister from Colombia and they share an extremely close bond that is evidenced in numerous photos posted to both of their social media pages.

Maluma and Fatima have traveled widely for both business and pleasure. In 2022, they attended a launch for Maluma’s Contraluz mezcal in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Maluma received the 2023 Impact Award for his efforts, while Marlli is integral in overseeing finances at El Arte de los Sueos foundation. Both mother and son are devout Catholics.

Net Worth

Music-related earnings represent a considerable proportion of his overall net worth. He has also diversified his income streams through business ventures, brand endorsement and sponsorship arrangements.

Maluma (Juan Luis Londono Arias), began his music career at 15 when he composed “No quiero.” It impressed his uncle who offered him an album recording session as his birthday present. To create his stage name he combined the first syllables of his mother, father, and sister’s names into one syllable for each.

He has had multiple relationships, such as Cuban-Croatian model Natalia Barulich from 2017 until 2019, as well as with Vivien Rubin, belinda Peregrin, Camila Fernandez, Winnie Harlow and Anitta. Additionally he currently dates Colombian model Susana Gomez.

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