Marla Heasley Net Worth

Marla Heasley has established herself as an international celebrity through hard work and smart decisions.

Heasley made headlines in the 1980s for her portrayal of Tawnia Baker on The A-Team television show and various films and TV shows she starred in; after retirement she has made wise decisions that have kept her healthy and active.

Early Life and Education

Marla Heasley was born in 1959 into a family with deep ties to the entertainment industry. However, acting was never her desired profession – instead she believed fashion merchandising could provide more opportunity for growth than acting could.

She decided instead to switch directions and enter show business. She made her debut appearance on Star Search during its initial four episodes and would later make guest appearances on shows such as T. J. Hooker, The Love Boat, Riptide and Mike Hammer as well as making an appearance in an 1980 Galactica episode entitled “Spaceball”.

Christopher Harriman and she have been married since March 1, 2001, and she can often be found active on social media; often posting personal photos. Additionally, she works as an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach as well as running her own enterprise.

Professional Career

Marla Heasley is an American actress best known for her performance as Tawnia Baker on the 1980s hit TV series The A-Team. In season two, Heasley replaced Melinda Culea who had left due to demanding more work.

Heasley never desired acting as her main pursuit in life; rather she found joy in fashion merchandising and began modeling while attending Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa.

Heasley met acting coach Zina Provendie while auditioning for commercials and was invited to one of her classes; it quickly captured her imagination, leading her to sign with Norman Brokaw at William Morris shortly thereafter.

Achievement and Honors

Marla Heasley became well-known through her portrayal of Tawnia Baker on The A-Team television series. As Tawnia, she played newspaper writer for their team. Marla made her first appearance to audiences in season 2 episode 15 entitled “The Battle of Bel-Air”.

No doubt acting wasn’t her initial career choice, but she persevered for quite some time and earned great success within show business. With an estimated net worth of $15 Million it seems likely she won’t look back any time soon either!

Heasley also appeared on several other television programs, such as The Love Boat, T. J. Hooker and Riptide. She made an appearance in Galactica 1980 episode “Spaceballs”, as well as two feature films The Marrying Man and Born to Race.

Personal Life

Marla Heasley is an esteemed American actress known for her roles in television and movies as well as being an experienced model.

Marla was born September 4, 1959 in Hollywood, California and introduced to acting through Norman Brokaw of William Morris Agency as her representative for advertisements. At that point she met Zina Provendie – an acting coach – and was eagerly welcomed into her class where she fell head over heels with acting. Signing on with Norman shortly thereafter.

Heasley first gained prominence during the 1980s on The A-Team playing Tawnia Baker, a newspaper reporter on their team. Additionally, she appeared in other TV shows such as TJ Hooker, Riptide and Mike Hammer among many others.

Net Worth

Marla Heasley is an American actress best known for appearing on the popular TV series A-Team. Although Heasley has had an exceptionally successful career, her net worth remains unknown to the general public.

Heasley had already made her mark as an actress before landing the role of Tawnia Baker, appearing as a guest star on several shows and participating in Star Search spokesmodel competition. Other roles she had performed on included Riptide, Highwayman TJ Hooker and Love Boat among many others.

Her grandfathers were professional ice skaters known as the Heasley Twins; these skaters appeared in movies such as Ice Capades (1941), Thin Ice (1937), The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T (1953), and A Chump of Oxford (1940). Though Heasley only appeared briefly on The A-Team, she left an impactful mark.

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