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Career Profile – Matthew Adamo

Matthew Adamo is the Founder and CEO of Mortarbaud, a startup which matches graduates with tech skills with innovative employers. With experience ranging from technology industry work, charity initiatives, education and publishing publishing he also enjoys travelling reading ancient history poetry published poet and has his roots in New Hampshire with most recently resided in Chicago Illinois.

Early Life and Education

Matt Adamo was born in Marcinelle, Belgium to Antonio and Concetta Adamo and later raised in Ghlin before later moving to Jemappes (Mons). While at Catholic school in Ghlin he developed an interest in music and the arts which earned him distinction at both classes as well as membership of his school choir – winning multiple prizes for performance! After attending university at Antwerp he graduated in history; became a published poet; traveled the world; loved ancient history; languages & more while co-founding/hosting Poetry Blokes podcast series exploring poetry from newcomer perspectives – making him an inspiration to us all who encounter poetry for newcomers like myself!

Richard Adamo was also a founder and leader of a nonprofit group dedicated to helping individuals in need throughout the U.S. and internationally. Richard leaves behind his wife, Jeanne Adamo; daughters Jennifer Grenier and Elizabeth Usman; grandson Lincoln Collins of Nahant; sister-in-law Linda Piasecki from Vergennes; brothers Charles Piasecki from Vergennes and Colleen Adamo of Lynn; in addition to many extended family members.

Professional Career

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A good professional job will likely involve one that encourages individual autonomy and allows workers to formulate and execute strategic plans.

Achievement and Honors

Matthew Adamo specializes in pediatric neurosurgery. He is adept at treating an array of brain and spinal cord conditions, including epilepsy, Chiari malformations, spasticity and traumatic brain injuries. Additionally, Matthew is experienced at performing surgeries for congenital or developmental abnormalities like spina bifida or craniosynostosis and is well known for treating patients using state-of-the-art technology to address various neurological ailments. Matthew is a member of both the American Academy of Pediatrics and New York Society of Neurosurgery.

Mortarbaud is a startup that helps graduates with tech skills find innovative employers. When not at work with Mortarbaud, he enjoys traveling, reading, ancient history and languages – in particular Latin. Additionally, he publishes poetry as well as co-founding Poetry Blokes podcast series.

Personal Life

Matthew Adamo has been practicing as a neurosurgery specialist for 21 years and boasts an array of expertise. With an exceptional clinical research background and over 60 peer reviewed articles published since 2011, he is considered an authority on Myelomeningocele treatment, cutting edge research projects and is part of American Academy of Neurology’s department chair at Amsterdam University Hospital. When not practicing neurosurgery he enjoys hiking and spending time with family; married for more than 24 years to Jenny Adamo (his wife of 24 years now!) He and is proud to call himself “Daddy”.

Matt has been actively engaged in his community, participating in events like the San Francisco Opera Festival and Houston Grand Opera Artistic Directors Circle. Additionally, Matt serves as a board member of Association for Surgery of the Hand (ASH) as well as being an Associate member of American College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Net Worth

Salvatore Adamo is a Belgian-Italian musician and singer best known for his romantic ballads. With sales exceeding 80 million albums and 20 million singles sold, Adamo stands as one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time. Performing in several languages including English, Italian, German, French and Spanish respectively he has won several awards over time as an award winning vocalist.

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