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The Good Wife – Max Wilder and Shaina Lee’s Divorce

Max Wilder has been through it all – grief, anger, and guilt – since his divorce to Georgia in season two. This season of NBC’s The Good Wife gave him an opportunity to accept himself without a romantic partner, allowing him to refocus on helping his patients and rebuilding New Amsterdam Hospital with his vision for the future. He was a real hero to everyone in the show. But this week, he was also forced to decide if he wanted to run back to Sharpe or try something new with Wilder.

The Good Wife is a smart, fast-paced legal drama that’s often surprising and unpredictable. It’s also very involving and often fun, with plenty of character diversity and lots of humor. It’s one of the best shows on TV right now, and it’s worth watching even if you don’t care much about the legal issues.

In the latest episode of The Good Wife, David Lee, the firm’s divorce lawyer, is representing Caroline Wilder, the wife of rock star Max Wilder who is undergoing a divorce settlement when she winds up in a coma after a motorcycle accident. As a result, Max isn’t around to negotiate the divorce settlement, and Cary and Alicia are brought in to make it happen.

Despite her reservations, Alicia agrees to join in the proceedings. But she’s still not entirely comfortable with the idea of taking on a case like this and letting her client die in front of her, so she decides to act quickly and remove Caroline’s signature page from the divorce settlement agreement. This way, she’ll be able to get half of Max’s estate, and Max’s new fiance, Shaina, will be unable to claim the remaining amount.

But when Shaina and Lee meet with the judge, they find out that the settlement includes a clause that says Max’s ex-wife will be able to take over his life insurance policy and will receive power of attorney for his affairs. The judge gives both sides a day to prepare before making a decision. Eventually, Shaina and Lee agree to a settlement that’s less than what they had hoped for, but it doesn’t stop the drama.

This is a good example of how the writers make Alicia’s life far more interesting than her clients’. She’s a hardworking lawyer, but her cases are so rarely made to seem like anything more than a routine legal grind, that it’s sometimes difficult for the rest of the firm to take them seriously.

She’s a tough-as-nails advocate for her clients, but she’s also very human and has her own flaws. She’s clumsy, she makes mistakes, and she’s not always right, but she genuinely wants to help people. She’s a great addition to the team, and she’ll be an even better friend to Alicia as her career progresses.

Ultimately, the decision to bring Wilder into the series will depend on how well the writers are able to sell it. They have to be careful that he doesn’t take over too much of the story, but they should offer some kind of explanation for why Max is so determined to move forward in his personal life with Wilder.

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