Missing Persons In Wilmington Nc

Missing Persons in Wilmington, NC

Whenever someone in Wilmington, NC is missing, the community is very concerned. This is especially true if the missing person is a teenager. Many parents in the community are concerned that their daughter or son is being abused. Fortunately, the community has a strong network of resources to help find these missing persons.

Araceli Rojas-Jimenez

Earlier this month, Wilmington, NC police announced they were looking for a missing teenager. Araceli Rojas-Jimenez, 16, was last seen wearing a white shirt and black pants. The Wilmington Police Department has issued an arrest warrant for Rojas-Jimenez.

In addition to Araceli Rojas-Jimenez, police have also identified two people of interest in her case. Araceli’s father, Michael Jones, and mother, Miyonna Jones, were both arrested for unrelated charges. According to the Wilmington Police Department, Araceli has not been seen since Tuesday. The department is working to shut down rumors and social media posts about the missing teen. They are also looking into possible foul play in her disappearance.

Jonathan Brackett

Among the plethora of missing persons in Wilmington, NC, Jonathan Brackett is one of the most intriguing and elusive. While it’s not surprising that Brackett was on probation, the fact that he made it from Surf City, NC to Hampstead, NC is an anomaly in itself. It’s also not surprising that Brackett may have moved on to Florida. However, the search for the missing boy continues. Whether Brackett is the first in a long line of missing persons or a serial killer, his disappearance is a cause for concern for his family and friends. The more information that can be obtained about Brackett the better.

Morgan Harrington

Throughout the years, the disappearance of Morgan Harrington has been a mystery. Her parents have been searching for answers for almost six years. Her body was discovered in a field near Charlottesville, Virginia in 2010. Until now, investigators have not been able to link the incident to a specific criminal activity.

The Virginia State Police announced today that they are pursuing a link to the disappearance of Morgan Harrington. Investigators are searching for a man described as being black, between the ages of 25 and 35, with a mustache and black hair.

Morgan Harrington was a Virginia Tech student and a junior education major. She was attending a Metallica concert in Charlottesville when she vanished. She was last seen trying to hitch a ride. She had a cell phone and a wallet. She told friends she would find a ride home. She was wearing a black T-shirt with “Pantera” on the front.

Peggy Carr

Sadly, Peggy Carr’s long slumber came to an end when she was carjacked in Wilmington. Although her story didn’t make it to the tabloids, her family did make the trip to her alma mater, North Carolina State University. Her remains were found seven months later in Bladen County. Although no concrete date was found, it was safe to say that the young lady was last seen in February of 2011.

It’s no secret that Peggy Carr was a popular girl in high school, and she was in town to see the sights. She was also a pro at the latest fads. She was a proud poodle owner and a keen equestrian, as well.

Two 11th-grade New Hanover High School students

Earlier this week, two 11th-grade New Hanover High School students were reported missing. One of the students, Araceli Rojas-Jimenez, was last seen wearing black pants and a white shirt.

Another student, Miyonna Jones, was reported missing on Tuesday. The 16-year-old junior is a member of the school’s Key Club. Her mother was arrested for obstruction of justice, but police have not yet identified her as a suspect.

Several other teens have gone missing in recent weeks. Wilmington Police Department posted about them on its social media account. WPD stated the cases were not related. But rumors were spreading. One parent said she was hesitant to take her child to school on Wednesday.

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