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MMG Plane Sells Faster Cessna Citation CJ2

MMG Insurance’s Cessna Citation CJ2 connects their expanding territory from Presque Isle. This plane can make roundtrip trips to Eastern Pennsylvania for business and back again all in a single day!

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Professional Career

MMG plane sold its Cessna 421 Golden Eagle aircraft and upgraded to a faster Cessna Citation CJ2, capable of reaching 400 knots. At this speed, passengers can travel multiple legs within one day from Presque Isle to Pennsylvania before returning back again for additional customers and less maintenance needs than with its predecessor – all within the same day!

Achievement and Honors

After conducting a financial analysis, MMG sold their Cessna 421 and upgraded to a Cessna Citation CJ2, boasting 400 knots. At twice as fast as their initial aircraft and almost as fast as Pen Air’s fleet of Saab 340Bs, this aircraft requires less frequent maintenance compared with its predecessor which required 50 hours annually on average for repairs and servicing. With more flexibility at 400 knots, the CJ2 allows MMG to fly multiple legs in a day such as transporting passengers from Pennsylvania before heading east before conducting training for current or new employees on New York ground before returning back upstate for additional training courses or drop off and pick-up in Pennsylvania before heading east further onwards back again to Pennsylvania before continuing onwards for continued training sessions at New York Airport before heading back up again allowing MMG to perform multiple legs of flight operations during one flight operation; even without additional maintenance visits required every 50 hours each year the CJ2 allows MMG’s customers to conduct multiple legs of flights within one day such as dropping off passengers in Pennsylvania before transporting them onto New York where recurrent training took place before then returning them home again before conducting additional legs when returning them back out there on multiple legs from New York! This plane allows MMG’s flight operations; like this faster plane allows it allows MMG flights both ways while returning passengers before conducting recurrent training recurrent training missions within one day such as dropping passengers in Pennsylvania then back later taking them back out again as its maintenance costs were less frequent! Maintenance than its counterpart would have required on average annually on average on average as the 421, so MMG can fly several legs during one day before dropping passengers before flying back after drop off passengers dropped off Pennsylvania only then conducting further recurrent training then conducting further recurrent training programs during day that’s fleet would then taking passengers then back for example dropping off Pennsylvania before taking them then conducting then conducting further legs within day, such as they carry multiple legs on daily.

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