Mychael Dave

Mychael Dave

Mychael Dave is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has collaborated with numerous well-known artists like Sheila E.

He worked on numerous projects, such as DreamWorks Animation. His work received considerable acclaim and is considered an exceptional artist.

Early Life and Education

Mychael Dave was an exemplary individual who excelled at numerous endeavors throughout his life, notably music, law and community service. While his musical accomplishments and legal acumen earned him immense acclaim, Mychael’s greatest legacy lies within education and service to others.

Mychael Mychael served as senior deputy district attorney in Denver and specialized in family law and criminal defense practice, in addition to sitting on the Colorado State Board of Bar Examiners.

Dave was not only known as an accomplished attorney; he was also renowned for his musical prowess and skilled guitar playing. He played bass in several bands including experimental Slang (co-founded with Layng Martine III – best known for his work with Bill Laswell) and power-pop garage rock outfit Acetate.

Professional Career

Dave is an accomplished trial lawyer with vast courtroom experience and skill in conflict resolution. As one of Colorado’s premier family law firms, and having litigated numerous high-profile sexual assault, child abuse, and murder cases.

David works at Sony’s Los Angeles studio as a Mastering Engineer, where he has overseen an impressive array of hits for over 10 years – recently recreating Mamie Smith’s Crazy Blues as one of them!

Dave is not only an accomplished lawyer; he’s also a committed community member dedicated to teaching the importance of hospitality and food. His restaurants, often considered among the island and region’s premier offerings, allow him to demonstrate this passion by creating unforgettable culinary experiences for patrons.

Achievement and Honors

Mychael Dave has earned the distinction of becoming one of the firm’s premier partners over his legal career, boasting an enviable clientele thanks to his no-fuss legal savvy and diligent practice. Even with his demanding schedule, Mychael still finds time each night for restorative sleep while maintaining his high profile at a top law school – and can often be found relaxing with a group of 10 colleagues at local pubs!

Personal Life

Dave’s mum Doris worked double shifts to support and protect him as she made sure he never followed in his brother’s footsteps of criminality. Her love made sure Dave survived despite difficult life circumstances and helped him stay off jail.

At 21 years old, David defies the stereotypes associated with hip-hop stars by opting not to wear flashy jewelry and instead sporting an unassuming sweater when accepting his Mercury Prize last year for Psychodrama’s No1 album Psychodrama.

Net Worth

Mychael Dave (commonly referred to as David Rothenberg) is an established radio host estimated to possess an estimated net worth of $5 Million. His assets include retirement accounts, investment accounts and real estate properties.

His main source of income comes from hosting his radio show on 98.7 ESPN New York from 10AM-1PM each weekday from 10AM to 1PM.

He has earned significant money through his music. Many of his songs have gone platinum; “Location,” his best-selling single, has sold over 1.800,000.000 units.

Dave has generated much of his net worth through endorsement deals with different companies, such as Nike and Aston Martin. Additionally, he has appeared on TV shows and movies.

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