Nadine Lustre New Boyfriend

Nadine Lustre’s New Boyfriend

Nadine Lustre has confirmed that she is dating French-Filipino businessman Christophe Bariou. The two met in Siargao and reportedly went shopping together informally. According to Nadine, Christophe is a businessman and owner of a luxury resort in Siargao, Philippines. Though they haven’t been dating long, their relationship is already generating buzz online.

Nadine lustre’s new boyfriend has not revealed much about his identity yet, but the two were spotted together during a vacation to Siargao earlier this month. They were also spotted posing with friends. Although Bariou is still mum about their relationship, he is reportedly following Nadine’s Instagram account.

Nadine Lustre and James Reid spent three years together and were part of a musical duo that became famous in the Philipines. Although James and Nadine broke up, they maintained a good professional relationship. The two reportedly lined up all the projects for each other. The two even worked together on Lustre’s album “Wild Dreams” together.

Nadine and Christophe have been spotted together often. Nadine is also active on her Instagram account. Nadine has 11 million followers. In fact, she is the most followed Philippine VIP. He has no doubt become Nadine’s new boyfriend, though he has yet to share details about their relationship.

Nadine has not revealed their relationship on her social media, but she was spotted holding hands with Christophe in Siargao in July and August of 2021. In August, Nadine and Christophe were spotted walking through a mall together. In October, Christophe was also spotted bonding with Nadine’s family. During this visit to Siargao, her father joked about the couple’s relationship.

It is rumored that Nadine Lustre is dating French entrepreneur Christophe Bariou. The couple has not publicly revealed their relationship, but it has been rumored for a while. However, the relationship hasn’t been confirmed yet, as Lustre is not yet ready to make a public announcement.

Christophe Bariou is Nadine Lustre’s reputed sweetheart. The two are both popular around the world. They have not kept their relationship under wraps, but their closeness is evident as they are rarely silent about it. A screenshot of the video has been circulated all over social media.

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