Napoleon Dynamite Fanny Pack

Napoleon Dynamite Fanny Pack

Napoleon Dynamite is a 2004 comedy film that was a hit with both critics and audiences. It’s a quirky tale of two friends, Pedro and Napoleon, who try to get into the upper echelons of their school. In the end, Pedro’s election ends up being the winning one.

As a matter of fact, the movie made the news because of its unusual budget of around four hundred thousand dollars. The movie was actually produced by students at Brigham Young University, the BYU Film School. That was pretty cool, but it’s probably not as cool as the movie’s biggest surprise.

One of the movie’s most memorable scenes features a pair of geeky teens who make a play for the school presidentship. To boost their chances, they buy a fanny pack. Fanny packs have been around for decades, but the latest designs are made of synthetic materials like nylon. They are often found in neon colors or leopard prints. Using one of these bags could be the ticket for a dreamy night out on the town.

A more practical use of the fanny pack is for grocery shopping. Not to mention, they are stylish, light weight, and convenient. Many fashionistas are using them today, and the trend is expected to continue.

Other fanny packs are made of synthetic material, but they are not as trendy as they once were. Some of them are still available, however. Luckily for the fanny pack aficionados out there, you can easily create your own costume. With a little imagination and a few DIY costume guides, you’ll be able to put together an effective and affordable Napoleon Dynamite look in no time.

For an authentic Napoleon Dynamite look, consider getting a few accessories such as moon boots, a vintage 70s inspired clear aviator glasses, and a “Vote for Pedro” shirt. Of course, if you want to dress like the film’s main character, you can opt for a full-on ensemble. Besides, you’ll have the chance to snag some of the movie’s biggest laughs along the way.

On the other hand, there are some things you should steer clear of. For instance, you should never pilfer items at your local thrift store. This requires patience, but the reward will be well worth it. Fortunately, there are many online costume sites that offer a variety of Napoleon Dynamite costumes for rent or purchase. Whether you decide to go all out and get a custom-made costume or just buy some costumes from the big names, you’re sure to have a fun Halloween.

But, as with all things in life, there’s a right way and a wrong way. If you’re looking for the perfect Napoleon Dynamite costume, you should take some time to figure out what you’re looking for and what you want to do. Otherwise, you might end up with a costume that’s not really a costume at all. Make a smart decision and you’ll have a costume you can wear proudly for years to come.

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