Narcissist New Supply

The Narcissist Needs a New Supply of Narcissistic Validation

The narcissist needs a new supply of narcissistic validation to keep their ego intact and their emotions in check. The new supply serves as their scapegoat and the old one is useless and irrelevant. The narcissist can also use the new supply to minimize and degrade the old supply in order to maintain their emotional stability.

It’s not uncommon for narcs to present their new supply too early. They may present it to family members, friends, or even their children. In their minds, everything is fair game, even if the person they’re gifting the supply to finds it creepy.

Narcissists usually try to use their former partners as a new supply, showing off their new partner online or offline. This way, they can gain an emotional reaction from their former partners. Narcissists don’t care about their former partners’ feelings, but they want to receive emotional responses and validation.

Narcissists are masters at making their victims feel inadequate and quick to replace them with new supplies. They also often make their victims ruminate about their abuse and wonder why the narcissist cares about a new supply. This is because narcs lack emotional intelligence and are only interested in validation, admiration, and reassurance.

Narcissists use new supplies to make victims feel like they are the “best thing since sliced bread”. They use this new supply to shower them with affection and gifts. They are not capable of changing unless they undergo intensive therapy. Narcissists may try to trick their victims into thinking they’re loving or caring, but they’re really just using that façade to get what they want.

The new supply phase is similar to the Love Bomb phase. You’ll notice that the narcissist gives their new supply everything that they like or wanted in their old victims. It may include the same restaurant visits or the same pet name. They may also spend lots of money on expensive meals and nights out. The cycle is unsustainable and will come to an end.

The relationship with a narcissist is a complicated one. If it is long-term, the narcissist will eventually become used to you and your life. It may even involve the use of narc pixi dust to make you believe in their lies. If you let the narcissist take control of your life, you may end up giving them a new supply of pain.

A narcissist will do anything to gain your support. They may pretend to care for you to get something in return. They can even leave their possession with a new person. Eventually, this will end – and you’ll be left with nothing. That’s all they care about.

Moreover, a narcissist may attempt to play the victim card. They may pretend to be ill to gain sympathy, or to use illness in children to gain attention. They may even attempt to scare you into staying in the relationship.

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