New Balance 980

New Balance 980 Review

The New Balance 980 is positioned as the brand’s latest’maximal’ cushioning shoe. It has a 4mm drop from the heel to the toe, which helps keep the runner’s foot forward while running. The upper is similar to earlier versions of the 890 shoe, although it isn’t as soft as the brand’s other flagship cushioning shoes.

The 980 also features the redesigned Fresh Foam, which is a single piece of foam in the midsole. This spongy material has a concave hexagonal shape near the heel and convex near the midfoot. This foam acts as a medial post for the foot, which improves the cushioning and allows for more movement. It weighs a little more than nine ounces and fits snugly in the foot.

The New Balance 980’s cushioning is thick, although the shoe isn’t overly soft. When the shoe is unloaded, the drop is 10mm, and it is slightly less when wearing it. Despite this, the shoe is still comfortable for long runs. The shoe also offers good shock absorption, which makes it the perfect shoe for daily use.

The New Balance 980 is a versatile shoe. Its lightweight design makes it a good choice for training, as it provides cushioning without sacrificing performance. The Fresh Foam 980 is available in road and trail versions. This versatile shoe is another excellent addition to New Balance’s “maximum” line.

Fresh Foam is the midsole foam used in the 980. This foam is made with proprietary materials and 3D printing and offers excellent durability. The foam also provides dynamic responsiveness and plush cushioning. In addition to these benefits, the Fresh Foam is extremely lightweight, making it perfect for everyday use.

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