Noah Burroughs

A Look at Noah Burroughs

Noah Burroughs credits six days of weekly training as having helped shape his dedication, determination and spirit for life. Today he uses these lessons as part of his work as an NFL drug-ed speaker educating young adults on the dangers associated with substance use.

There are approximately 99114 Americans named Noah Burroughs; this article will highlight his life from childhood through adulthood.

Early Life and Education

Burroughs used his early works to explore a modern underworld rife with drugs and disillusionment. He used his own addictions as a lens through which to examine society.

Junkie was published as his confessional first novel in 1953. Later, during the 1950s he traveled extensively through Mexico City and South America while writing Latin verse for Latin-speaking audiences. Additionally, he discovered the cut-up technique which he later employed in writing his novels: The Soft Machine, Ticket That Exploded, Nova Express (also referred to as Nova Trilogy or Cut-Up Trilogy), Interzone etc.

These works, among others such as Queer and The Yage Letters, comprised the Beat Generation and were influential in shaping counterculture of the 1960s. Recently, restored editions have been made available of these texts; Oliver Harris of the European Beat Studies Network also published an authoritative textual history of these books.

Professional Career

Noah Burroughs is a former professional football player turned educator. Utilizing lessons gleaned during his NFL career to inform young people on the risks associated with drug abuse. Speaking at drug-ed events across Long Island New York.

Noah grew up in Hempstead and from an early age envisioned his future plans with clarity. Thanks to guidance from parents, mentors, and teachers at Hempstead High School he created a road map towards success that included earning his degree in education.

As a 247 Sports and Rivals three-star recruit, he made his collegiate debut in 2021 with 37 tackles, two tackles-for-loss, four interceptions, five passes defended and forced fumble. Additionally, he competed at both UCCS Ruster Invitational and Lewis Crossover 8K competitions.

Achievement and Honors

Burroughs was one of the most influential American writers of his era and an integral figure in both Beat Generation and countercultural movements in the 1960s. His groundbreaking first novel Junkie provided a preview for Naked Lunch which led to one of the last literary obscenity trials held within United States borders.

Burroughs, a graduate of Hempstead High School, represents the hard work ethic and perseverance that defines Hempstead students. The HCTA would like to honor him as a role model to show other Hempstead High School students they too can achieve their dreams with hard work and persistence.

Noah participated in four 8K races – all 8K distance – this summer – including the UCCS Ruster and Woody Geeno Invitational and was recognized with being named to RMAC All-Academic Honor Roll.

Personal Life

Burroughs was addicted to heroin during his formative years as a writer. To sustain himself he relied on fiction and screenplays published by small literary presses for income. By the late ’50s his style had begun shifting toward experimentation with narrative form: Junkie was written as both screenplay format novel as well as conventional book format: Naked Lunch

He was initially drafted for World War II due to mental illness; however, thanks to the efforts of his mother and a friend in producing documentation of this illness and withdrawing the draft charge.

Burroughs spent much of his postwar American experience traveling through Mexico and South America. There he became especially attracted to women and began an illicit affair with Joan Vollmer Adams. Soon thereafter he met Jack Kerouac and Edie Parker, with whom they collaborated in creating The Yage Letters manuscript about drug use.

Net Worth

Noah Burroughs grew up in Hempstead with parents who stressed the value of education. Encouraged to study hard, Noah took this approach to professional life – excelling both early schooling and becoming state and senior national wrestling champion along the way.

After graduating from Winslow Township High School and entering college, he started writing his debut novel Running With Scissors; which quickly became a best seller. Furthermore, he is both an author and former freestyle and folkstyle wrestler.

In 1945, Burroughs collaborated with Kerouac on writing the novel And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks which was loosely inspired by the Carr-Kammerer case. When published as Naked Lunch by Maurice Girodias later that same year, its appearance helped defuse any criminal cases against Burroughs.

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