Noah Fleeter

Noah Fleeter, Actor: A Professional Career

After Jon Stewart left “The Daily Show,” it was difficult to envision anyone filling his role; yet Noah seemed more like someone with a challenging standup act, rather than someone charged with distilling current affairs for late-night audiences.

His Netflix specials have further cemented his stage persona as an inquisitive globetrotter who delivers fascinating travelogues more often than comedy sketches.

Early Life and Education

Noah Fleeter hails from Cleveland, Ohio. At Baldwin-Wallace University he played both baseball and basketball before graduating in 2004.

He was surprised when Tampa Bay Rays General Manager Bobby Applegate called and selected him in 2016.

He is the son of Sherrie L Fleeter and Ronald J Fleeter and has several siblings including Abbie Morgan Fleeter and Noah Samuel Fleeter.

Professional Career

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Russell Crowe plays Noah, an ancient biblical prophet played by Russell Crowe and directed by Darren Aronofsky. Aronofsky adds his own touches to this modern interpretation of Genesis with Noah traveling back in time to meet Methuselah (Anthony Hopkins), likening him to an Old Testament Yoda.

Methuselah warns Noah of impending destruction to humanity, so God asks him to construct an enormous ark to preserve humanity.

Achievement and Honors

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Noah brought an international perspective and broadened late night’s geographical imagination with his global outlook, but often seemed out of place as host of “The Daily Show”. His cool demeanor gave him an outsider perspective on American horse race politics while his intellect never fully applied itself to its format. Unlike Stewart, however, Noah didn’t care as deeply about political debates; rather, he reserved his most vulnerable moments for online-only “behind the scenes” clips.

Personal Life

Noah established himself as an international traveler through two Netflix specials. He met Black Americans who romanticize their motherland, experienced tacos for the first time ever and felt guilty after viewing poverty porn in Bali.

Aronofsky tackles this story from two perspectives in his movie adaptation; humanity’s boundless hubris pitted against a vegetarian Noah’s more modest understanding of their place in nature.

It results in an ambitious spectacle that may exceed what’s necessary, but Crowe’s performance helps elevate what would otherwise be an average tale. Crowe also plays an essential part in communicating that mercy and love should balance justice well – leaving Noah leaving this world full of hope and optimism.

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