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The Noah Foundation Inc

The Noah Foundation, Inc is a non-profit charitable organization created in 2000 in memory of 4-1/2 month old Noah who tragically perished in a daycare accident. Their focus is helping children worldwide.

Luis Aguilera of New Bedford is grateful that Team Noah Foundation provided them with the ramp needed for their wheelchair van. It gives them more independence and freedom.

Early Life and Education

The Noah Foundation supports charities that help prepare youth for higher education and workforce entry. In addition, it offers educational resources such as its Noah Plan Curriculum Guides based on biblical principles to ensure students learn truth in history, geography, literature, mathematics, science English and art classes.

The Albinism Society of America is an integral partner to this foundation, helping raise public awareness of those living with albinism and their families. As such, this resource serves as an essential support network.

NOAH Foundation strives to enable individuals of all disabilities or diagnoses to reach their true potential in life, encouraging individuals to use their gifts with courage, humanity and creativity. They also represent people living with congenital heart disease as well as their families in advocating on their behalf.

Professional Career

The foundation’s primary mission is to enhance youth preparation for higher education and workforce entry. Their ultimate aim is to give every child an equal chance to pursue their passions and reach their full potential.

Noah Latronica faced his cancer battle with courage and poise, never losing his smile or his caring heart, all the while leaving an incredible legacy for those close to him.

Noah became well known on his team as one of its finest defensive players and for his leadership qualities. In his senior year he was honored with being chosen captain, not to mention being recognized for both academic excellence and athletic ability by earning both football and basketball letterman awards.

Achievement and Honors

Noah’s legacy lives on through the Noah Foundation. This non-profit is committed to serving the albinism community with resources and support; raising awareness; and serving as a platform for those living with albinism.

The foundation strives to foster peace in Chicago communities through arts programming and the Drop of Consciousness movement, encouraging youth to discover their passion and use it to bring about positive changes within their local community.

Team Noah assists families of special needs children by alleviating financial strain associated with purchasing necessary equipment and improvements. Their most recent endeavor, building a playground on Pope’s Island in New Bedford MA for $2.3 Million made possible thanks to donations and fundraisers, was their most notable project to date.

Personal Life

Noah never allowed cancer to define who he was or the way he lived his life; rather he fought back with strength, dignity and an infectious smile, moving forward to make an impactful difference in his own community.

Through his outreach efforts within local communities and online support networks for his Stay Strong Foundation, he was able to launch two signature projects called Stay Strong Halloween and Merry Christmas that have now become cornerstone events of this foundation.

He was an outstanding child in terms of academic, sporting and artistic skills who was also generous with his spirit and kindness. To honour him and show their appreciation for all that he contributed, his family established a fund in his memory so as to support children from all communities throughout Northern Ireland as much as possible.

Net Worth

The Noah Foundation Inc is dedicated to providing supplies, education, family training and referral services for both children and adults living with disabilities, while also encouraging social entrepreneurship.

The foundation provides funding to organizations that demonstrate creative and dynamic approaches to meeting society’s most urgent needs – including elderly care, disabilities support, domestic violence victims’ aid and vulnerable children at risk. Furthermore, priority is given to groups engaging in constructive public advocacy as well as those protecting civil rights.

As well as his acting and comedy careers, Noah also holds multiple business interests and investments in startups. His net worth is estimated to be around $20 million and recently purchased a mansion in Bel-Air with features including an infinity pool, home theater room, and ultra-private VIP suites.

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