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Homeschool Athletics – The First 11-Man Football Program in the Nation

NOAH Athletics for Homeschoolers offers an impressive variety of sports programs for homeschool athletes – including an 11-man football program – making up one of the fastest-growing groups within homeschool athletics. NOAH also hosts regional tournaments featuring various athletic disciplines throughout its membership base, offering high performance opportunities for NOAH members to showcase themselves on and off the court.

Curriculum guides orient each subject area toward the seven principles of the Principle Approach, such as history, geography, literature, English language and composition. In terms of teaching methods for orthography, phonics vocabulary and penmanship.

Early Life and Education

Homeschoolers enjoy greater flexibility with their schedules, giving them time to do activities they find enjoyable. Homeschoolers may also participate in extracurricular activities such as sports teams and often get better recruitment opportunities than public school students.

Noah is also actively involved with the NOAH Jaguars homeschooled football league, which recently won its inaugural championship this year and features players that are being recruited by top colleges.

Homeschoolers may also benefit from The Noah Plan Curriculum, which integrates the Principle Approach into a manageable curriculum. Novels come complete with study guides covering each of its seven principles of this approach to education, along with foreign language instruction and research papers for all grade levels. Seven Noah Plan Curriculum Guides cover history/geography/English/literature/reading/mathematics/art.

Professional Career

Noah’s tutor helped Noah develop his study skills and saw major gains on practice tests. Working hard, he finally achieved 28 Composite and 30 Superscore and secured admission into Villanova University.

When Mauricio Berardinelli saw Noah in his digital circuits course, he recruited him for the robotics club – his first college classes as a homeschool student!

Noah also plays for Tulsa NOAH, a homeschool sports league established in 1998 and competing against public schools as well as other homeschool teams. Coach James Ballinger anticipates Noah will make an excellent Division-I defensive lineman once college arrives – though Noah doesn’t seem worried by this prospect.

Achievement and Honors

Noah starts each day off right with a healthy breakfast, new clothes and a ride to his co-op home school, where he learns alongside children from his community and can participate in numerous extracurricular activities.

Noah enjoys participating in sports activities. As part of the Tulsa NOAH Jaguars organization, which coordinates athletic teams for homeschooled students in Oklahoma, he competes against both private schools and public high schools in competitions organized by them.

This year, the Jaguars made history by winning the National Homeschool Football Tournament championship and have many players with offers from Division-I universities.

Ethan and Noah also use the Institute for Excellence in Writing program to write stories together. Ethan has an affinity for food, animals, and fantasy tales; while Noah prefers mystery and sci-fi stories.

Personal Life

Noah has been homeschooled his entire life. He credits homeschooling with giving him the freedom to explore his interests and develop new ones, including conducting interviews with world-renowned experts for his podcast series called The History of Vikings.

He has interviewed experts from Oxford and other universities, as well as Viking scholars affiliated with York’s Coppertop Dig team in United Kingdom. This podcast has become an indispensable source of information on Viking age and Norse related subjects.

As well as supporting his mother with their home business, he also writes blogs on homeschooling high schoolers. He encourages homeschool high schoolers to appreciate every moment with their families and remember that God chose them specifically for this journey.

Net Worth

Noah is an accomplished singer and social media influencer. Through his captivating cover songs, he has gained an enormous fan following. Additionally, Noah earns significant sums through endorsing products.

He hosts a podcast in which he interviews homeschoolers and experts in various fields, while being an active voice on TikTok and Instagram. Furthermore, he has made appearances on shows such as How I Met Your Mother.

NOAH (Northeast Oklahoma Association of Homeschoolers), established in 1998, has grown into an all-inclusive sports organization for homeschool athletes. Offering elementary flag football games as well as middle and high school baseball games, soccer matches, track events, shooting sports competitions, volleyball matches and shooting sports practices to its membership, NOAH has recently unveiled the inaugural 11-man homeschool football team!

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