noah marschke

Noah Schreckke – Composer, Cornetist and No-Input Mixing Board Operator

Noah is an athletic LHP/1B who displayed himself as a prospect at the Under Armour Pre Season All American Tournament. He works to maintain a controlled balance point, has smooth separation, and delivers his pitch with clean/loose arm action; his fastball ranged 79-81mph with late run. Furthermore, his CG was solid.

Early Life and Education

At age 10, Noah wanted to bring awareness of Type 1 diabetes. He learned about it from his uncle who passed away from it. Diabetes affects blood sugar levels in the body and requires constant tracking of food consumption and counting carbohydrates in order to maintain an ideal glucose range of between 100-120. If it falls below this mark, oxygen may not reach the brain sufficiently and you could lose consciousness – something Noah is following through with by currently studying social work at graduate school.

Professional Career

Noah is a composer, cornetist and no-input mixing board operator based out of Minneapolis. He has extensive experience working in improvisation, field recordings and Wandelweiser Group music as well as release compositions under labels like Public Eyesore, Ordinary Affects and Zoomin’ Night.

He is a highly esteemed and accomplished leader with significant expertise in human capital management and organizational development. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President of Human Resources for McGraw-Hill Information & Media.

Noah is a tall and athletic LHP who performed admirably at the Under Armour Pre Season All American Tournament. His fastball ranges between 79-81 mph with glove side run and an aggressive late breaking ball; his two-seam fastball sits between 75-77 mph with glove-side run; while his changeup boasts sinking action at 75-77 mph and also features good control. Noah also offers slider pitches.

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