Noah Ravenscroft

Noah Ravenscroft, a Former Quicken Loans Executive, Pleaded Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

An ex-Quicken Loans executive has been charged with killing his wife at home last year, as reported by their 10-year-old daughter to police. When her parents began fighting and her father pulled a knife on her mother, their daughter called emergency services immediately to report that he was holding it against his daughter’s neck.

Deputies arrived at the house on Applebrook Drive to discover that Noah Ravenscroft was covered in blood. Once inside, their wife was discovered lying dead.

Early Life and Education

Noah Ravenscroft, an ex-Quicken Loans executive accused of murdering his wife while their three children hid upstairs in Michigan home, agreed on April 12 to enter a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity and be detained at a state mental health facility for 60 days as part of an observation process. A judge accepted his plea.

At first, police reported to Ravenscroft and her partner as fighting between their parents; she indicated this by telling deputies she saw her father picking up a knife, before police rang the doorbell to find Ravenscroft blood-spattered in response to being answered by his own bloody voice.

Kristy Jo Ravenscroft was not stabbed 24 times accidentally; rather, her husband had an intent to kill her and it is an immense tragedy for all involved.

Professional Career

Noah Ravenscroft, 36, had worked at Quicken Loans since 2005 and was charged with murdering his wife Kristy Jo Ravenscroft, 38, on January 23 at their Commerce Township home. Their 10-year-old daughter called 911 and reported hearing their parents fighting before discovering Kristy’s body on a living room floor a short while later – along with an evidence bag containing a kitchen knife at the scene according to police.

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Achievement and Honors

Michigan police allege a former Quicken Loans executive named Noah Ravenscroft committed murder before turning the knife on himself at their home with three young children still present upstairs. Deputies arrived Monday at his address where they say he opened his door covered in blood and told them his wife Kristy had passed away.

Deputies responded to calls from their 10-year-old child reporting that her father was getting a knife. Deputies later discovered the body of the woman on the living room floor and self-inflicted wounds on both parties.

He was taken to a local hospital before being booked into jail on Wednesday, charged with first-degree murder and ordered not to have contact with either his children or their mother.

Personal Life

Former Quicken Loans executive William Burkhard stabbed his wife with a kitchen knife before turning it on himself at their Commerce Township, Michigan home, where their three children were present.

One of their children heard Kristy Jo yell at her husband to move off of her, as she tried to push him away. Instead, he rose from his seat, went into the kitchen and got a knife from there and then used it on Kristy Jo, stabbing her several times in the chest.

Noah’s mental illness was certainly relevant, but the record establishes that for purposes of criminal liability he understood and anticipated the legal ramifications and effects of his actions. Unlike in Churchman and Boughton, however, Noah did not misidentify a knife for something else but used it intentionally to kill Kristy Jo. Calvin and Susan Ravenscroft, the victim’s parents, filed a wrongful-death claim but the trial court rejected this wrongful death action as well as any wrongful-death claims filed against Noah by Calvin and Susan Ravenscroft, while court rejected any related wrongful-death claim filed by them against Calvin or Susan Ravenscroft to sue for their daughter’s parents’ wrongful-death claim as well.

Net Worth

Noah Ravenscroft had an estimated net worth of approximately $1.5 million according to reports, after working as an executive at Quicken Loans before leaving in December.

At 9 pm Monday evening, their 10-year-old daughter called 911 reporting their parents were fighting and her father was gathering weapons. Deputies arrived and found 36-year-old Noah Ravenscroft open up and tell them his wife was dead and that he had stabbed himself, providing officers with what is believed to have been used as the murder weapon.

McCarthy announced his intent to utilize an insanity defense, which allows a defendant to plead not guilty by reason of mental illness rather than face trial and face the usual decision of guilt or innocence. An insanity plea allows family members a break from trial proceedings while providing for thorough psychological testing and evaluation for defendant.

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