Noah Sheer

Noah Sheer Promoted to Executive VP of Rhythm/Crossover and Lifestyle Promotion at Def Jam Recordings

Noah Sheer has been promoted to Executive VP Rhythm/Crossover and Lifestyle Promotion at Def Jam Recordings, leading its national radio promotion team.

The Ark required vast space to house both animals and their keepers. Each animal selected to board was supposed to represent their species with strength and health; these animals would become part of its population for future generations.

Early Life and Education

Noah Sheer, an esteemed 22-year veteran of Def Jam Recordings, reports jointly to Executive VP/GM Nicki Farag and Chairman & CEO Tunji Balogun. For two years prior, Sheer served as Executive VP for Rhythm/Crossover & Promotion; now overseeing lifestyle promotions at Def Jam.

Creationists tend to downplay the enormity and skill required in shipbuilding ancient ships like Noah’s Ark; yet this artform was prescientific; even today shipbuilding requires years of apprenticeship to learn properly.

Additionally, Noah must have selected the strongest, healthiest and most virile representatives of their respective species to occupy the Ark; juveniles would not suffice. Furthermore, many animals were sexually ambiguous: How could Noah know whether a zebra or crocodile was male or female?

Professional Career

As an experienced 22-year veteran of Def Jam Recordings, Noah Sheer has been promoted to executive VP for rhythm/crossover and lifestyle promotion. He will report directly to both Tunji Balogun (chairman & CEO of Def Jam Records) and EVP/GM Nicki Farag (EVP/GM).

Sheer is a respected basketball player who has held professional basketball roles with both the NBA and EuroBasket leagues.

He has appeared in three NBA All-Star games, won a championship title and received a gold medal at the Olympics.

Sheer and Ribeiro have been in a relationship for approximately two years and enjoy spending their time together immensely, especially spending time with their son Alex – they currently reside in Los Angeles together.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Sheer has been promoted from 22-year veteran at Def Jam Recordings to executive vp and head of promotion. Based out of Santa Monica, Sheer will oversee radio promotion teams on a national scale for Def Jam and report directly to executive vp and general manager Nicki Farag.

Sheer’s fearlessness extended to his approach to his glioblastoma multiforme diagnosis, which he welcomed with open arms. He made an extraordinary gesture by providing his friends a powerpoint presentation of his prognosis and was upfront and clear with how he wanted to spend his remaining days.

Sheer achieved great professional success in his life; yet he saw them only as building blocks towards what truly mattered in life – his love and concern for friends and family members were equally admirable.

Personal Life

Noah Sheer has been with Def Jam Records for 22 years. Now promoted to EVP/Head of Promotion at the company, he will oversee and direct national radio promotion teams under Tunji Balogun as Chairman/CEO as well as Executive VP/General Manager Nicki Farag.

Sheer has an eclectic style, often mixing vintage clothing with modern streetwear pieces and bold hairstyles and colors such as pastel pinks and purples.

Sheer and Dixie D’Amelio prefer to keep their relationship private. Since 2020, this TikTok couple have been romantically involved, yet recently decided not to post any pictures of each other online for Valentine’s Day or attend any Coach fashion shows together.

Net Worth

TikTok success for 18-year-old Noah Beck has afforded him opportunities to work with some of the biggest names in music. Recently he starred in AwesomenessTV’s 2021 short series Noah Beck tries everything; also, Machine Gun Kelly used him as part of his video for Love Race.

Noah Atwood is Roman Atwood’s eldest child and an established YouTube personality, comedian, actor, Vlogger, prankster, prankster and director renowned for his YouTube content and social media followings. Noah himself has gained immense fanaticism on social media as his popularity continues to spread rapidly.

He currently serves as Executive Vice President, Head of Promotion for Def Jam Recordings based out of Santa Monica and reports jointly to both Tunji Balogun, who will become Chairman & CEO, and EVP Nicki Farag. Jeremy Sheer has been with Def Jam Recordings for more than 22 years and enjoys working there as Head of Promotion.

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