Noah Wells

Noah Wells – A Talented Young Man

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Early Life and Education

Noah Wells began performing magic as early as seven and has been performing regularly in Branson, Missouri since three years. He learned his first trick from magician Kirby VanBurch who toured with them for seven years.

Reuters has obtained exclusive footage showing Wells and his wife working with animals to prepare their performance at Ark Encounter theme park in Kentucky. The park aims to answer any queries related to Noah and his Ark from visitors.

Noah graduated Champaign Central High School with an impressive 10 letter career across four different sports. Additionally, Noah has been heavily involved with community service and fundraising for various causes, such as St. Baldrick’s Foundation where he raises money for childhood cancer research by having his head shaved.

Professional Career

Noah Wells joined Good Life Financial Group as an asset management specialist in 2013. His responsibilities include developing investment models and creating portfolios for advisors.

He serves as a member of the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group as well as serving on multiple panels at NASA HQ proposal reviewer for proposal reviews. Furthermore, he sits on editorial boards such as JGR-Planets, Icarus and Nature Geoscience.

Noah has always had a passion for helping others and has been involved with his community ever since he was young. He has participated in multiple fundraisers such as Toys for Tots and St. Baldrick’s Foundation; additionally, he’s a huge sports enthusiast, particularly basketball and baseball; two times competing at Texas UIL Team Championships as an athlete!

Achievement and Honors

Five prep high school athletes qualified for state meets this weekend after qualifying in sectional meets last week, including Elmwood/Plum City’s Noah Wells who made history by qualifying under their co-op program for Elmwood/Plum City as its inaugural state qualifier!

Noah Wells serves on the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Executive Committee and reviews proposals submitted to NASA Headquarters as well as journals like JGR-Planets, GRL, Nature Geoscience and Acta Astronautica. Additionally he acts as session organizer at Lunar and Planetary Science Conferences.

Wells is currently serving as either the principal investigator or co-investigator on five Department of Justice prison rape prevention related awards and has served as consultant on two additional awards. Furthermore, he has published over 12 academic works as either author or co-author.

Personal Life

Noah Wells is known for acting and singing; however, his passion lies with music and family life. He shares much of his time with London, who shares in their adventures from playing in the water to biking along 30A.

He’s an avid football fan, playing on Valley View High School team which won state title in 2014.

Wells has appeared in a wide variety of films including A Few Good Men (1992), Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999), Donnie Darko (2001) and W (2008). Additionally, Wells has made several television appearances such as ER (1994-2009) and The Librarian franchise including two TV movie appearances (Curse of Judas Chalice (2004) and Quest for the Spear (2004)).

Net Worth

Noah Wells is an incredibly gifted young man with an endearing charm and strong, attractive physique that boasts impressive body measurements and striking brown-hued eyes. At 5 feet 6 inches and 72 kg respectively.

Noah is married and the proud parent of two children. In 2000 he wed make-up artist Tracy Warbin and they now share custody of both son and daughter together.

He is religious and follows Judaism. In addition, he enjoys attending Phish concerts periodically and would appreciate someone who shares both his passion for the music as well as his unique sense of humor. With an estimated net worth of $1 Million made through acting, social media presence, brand endorsements and brand licensing deals;

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