Noelle Silva New Form

Noelle Silva – Reincarnation – New Form

The new form for Noelle Silva was teased in the opening theme of the Reincarnation arc, but it comes with a lot of weight. In this form, she’s much more defensive and uses her mana to shape her body more specifically. She’s also able to move through the air.

In episode 108, Noelle faces a new challenge with her new form. She has to battle Kivn, an Elf possessing space bending Compass Magic. The ensuing battle sparks Noelle’s transformation and the development of a powerful new spell. This spell is called Water Creation Magic and Noelle’s new armor is much more powerful than her old one.

After the first battle, Noelle has taken on her new look, complete with purple ribbons in her pigtails and no earrings. She also wears her hair in a more traditional style. The new form reminds fans of Noelle Silva’s childhood outfit, in which she had pigtails that were braided. She also has purple ribbons in her hair, which she used to wear in her earlier days. This new form has allowed her to combine her Mermaid form with her Flood form.

Noelle Silva is a noblewoman of the House Silva. She is a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight, a member of the Royal Knights and the Black Bull squad. She is also the servant of the water spirit Undine. Undine chooses Noelle as her servant when her contract with Princess Lolopechka weakens. Noelle has a slender build and pink eyes. Her hair is silver and long. She wears purple earrings and a silver bracelet on her left wrist.

Noelle Silva’s character has grown in complexity and depth over the course of the anime series. She’s a powerful Magic Knight and member of the Black Bulls, and is a Royal of the Clover Kingdom. As the daughter of the House of Silva, Noelle’s goal is to gain recognition for her family. Anime fans have praised the series for Noelle Silva’s emotional growth and development.

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