Nolan Daniel

Nolan Daniel

Nolan is an intelligent and quirky friend to Emily who acts as her conscience from time to time, warning her when things may get out of hand.

Nolan assisted Emily in taking down Fa1c0n who was framing David Clarke. Later he assisted at her memorial day party by hacking security.

He also aids her with another act of revenge by helping Declan get Charlotte. In juvenile detention he came and spoke to Charlotte to explain all about her father’s innocence.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Nolan teaches philosophy at Notre Dame and has also held positions at other institutions, such as Nottingham (UK), University of St Andrews (UK), Syracuse University (USA) and Macquarie University (Australia).

Nolan was a standout quarterback at Lehigh University, setting numerous school records in both rushing yards and touchdown passes during his three-year career. These stats would likely look even more impressive now considering college football has evolved considerably over time.

His legacy lives on through his mother, Janet Nolan; sister Jaime Rene Cohane; nieces Ra’Shay Wright and Taylor Thompson as well as nephew Jorydan Thompson and many aunts, cousins and friends. Unfortunately he was predeceased by his father Thomas Nolan and is laid to rest at the family cemetery in Derry.

Professional Career

Nolan Daniel is an accomplished professional with extensive work experience, boasting specialization in finance and analysis from his time working at Pipedrive and Henkel among others.

He is well-versed in commercial driver’s license law, including suspensions, revocations, denials, cancellations and reinstatements. Additionally, he handles aviation cases as well as wrongful death suits.

Dan is an experienced trial lawyer. For three years prior to joining our firm in November 2017, he worked as a paralegal specializing in aviation, wrongful death and bodily injury matters as a paralegal for three years prior. He has tried cases at both state and federal levels to a verdict – becoming licensed in Illinois as well as PLAN (Professional Liability Attorney Network). Furthermore, he coached the APSU college mock trial team in both local and national competitions.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Nolan holds the McMahon-Hank Professorship of Philosophy in Notre Dame’s Department of Philosophy. Throughout his academic career he has taught at universities in both the US, Australia, and UK; additionally he was appointed a Fellow by the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

Nolan has earned both the New England 10 Commissioner’s Honor Roll and Athletic Director’s Honor Roll for both semesters of his tenure in the New England 10. Additionally, he has competed in Kutztown DII/DIII Challenge, Paul Short Invitational Tournaments and NE10 Championship.

Nolan enjoys volunteering to assist children with dental care as a hobby and cycling, gardening, serving his church, playing with his grandkids and mentoring younger dentists in his free time. Additionally, Nolan is a fan of the New England Patriots and holds two children himself; both his parents reside in Chelmsford Massachusetts.

Personal Life

Dan is a dedicated family man, loving both his eight nieces and nephews as well as the residents of Nelson Place. Additionally, he enjoys fine watches, interior design and handcrafted goods.

Dan is an aggressive advocate on his clients’ behalf during all stages of criminal and civil legal processes, representing those involved in both aviation, wrongful death, bodily injury matters as well as commercial driver’s license suspensions/revocations/denies/cancellationss and disqualification proceedings. He possesses exceptional expertise in aviation matters as well as aviation wrongful death/bodily injury/bodily injury litigation matters relating to aviation incidents (wrongful death/bodily injury cases/aviation injuries/wrongful death/bodily injury matters); aviation, wrongful death/bodily injury issues (wrongful death/bodily injury matters); aviation/wrongful death/bodily injury matters as well as commercial driver’s license suspension/revocation/denies/cancels/cancellationss/disqualification issues (both criminally).

He is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association and licensed to practice before courts in Missouri and Illinois, including United States District Courts for both Eastern District of Missouri and Southern District of Illinois.

Net Worth

Nolan has extensive experience handling various legal matters, from DUI charges and criminal matters to immigration disputes and family law. He zealously represents his clients at every step of the criminal justice process.

Nolan is also an active TikTok creator and has collaborated with major brands such as Boohoo and a leading US magazine. Nolan is estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of over $1.5 Million.

Nolan Clarke, son of former Nolcorp CEO David Clarke who died mysteriously. Nolan inherited his fortune and often assists Emily in her pursuit of revenge against the Graysons – once hacking into a security camera to let Emily into Memorial Day party so she could give Conrad poisoned pill.

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