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Olive Capital Announces New Investment Opportunity

Olive’s proposed investment adds diversification and reduces concentration in its existing resource-focused investments. Read more about this opportunity!

CEO Sean Lane started Olive in 2012 and has raised an incredible total of $856.3 Million since. Based in Columbus, Ohio and with an AI workforce that offers prior authorization services as well as other tasks – it has made waves within healthcare. Many consider Olive to be healthcare’s “superhuman companion”.

Early Life and Education

Olive Banks was born into a middle class family in England. She was the daughter of a coal miner and had two sisters. Although her early life was difficult, she managed to overcome its challenges and become an accomplished academic – her PhD thesis became the book “Parity and Prestige in English Secondary Education: A Study in Sociology of Education”. Additionally, Olive was one of the pioneers in Second Wave Feminism with her 1982 book Faces of Feminism which became immensely popular.

This news release contains forward-looking statements. These statements are based on current beliefs and expectations, as well as risks, uncertainties, and other factors which could cause actual results to differ significantly from what was described in these forward-looking statements.

Professional Career

Olive has become a vital component of healthcare across 600 hospitals and health systems across the U.S. With recent funding, Olive has solidified its position as healthcare’s go-to solution, helping hospitals grow faster while scaling smarter for maximum effectiveness.

Olive Ventures & Labs’ Investment Analyst will be accountable for providing financial, technology and business sector analysis on potential target investments opportunities for Olive Ventures & Labs. In addition, s/he must create standard due diligence processes, scoring systems and reports across various verticals; develop data driven portfolio measurement tools in real time; work closely with team members while remaining responsible for their workflow;

Achievement and Honors

Constance Nicassio of Wits University alumnae won a crown and new wardrobe at a Sylmar Olive Festival nearly seventy years ago for selling the highest ticket sales, winning herself an olive royal crown as her prize. Now she will return with another goal in mind – helping crown an olive princess royal!

Olive Jar Digital was established in 2015 and has quickly established relationships within the public sector. IW Capital’s investment will allow the firm to expand into private sector businesses while still servicing existing public sector clients such as Department of Education and NHS Leadership Academy.

Personal Life

Olive Branch Capital is an investment advisory firm serving clients across the United States. It offers various financial planning services, such as retirement planning, estate planning, investment management and tax planning. Olive Branch Capital charges a range of fees such as flat-rate fees, percentage of assets managed fees or hourly fees that vary based on client portfolio size and location.

Olive recently announced its successful $225.5 million financing round led by Tiger Global and including existing investors General Catalyst and Drive Capital as well as newcomers GV, Sequoia Capital Global Equities, and Dragoneer Investment Group. This brings its valuation up to $1.5 billion; as well as strengthening clinical intelligence through Olive Helps while further expediting provider payments via Olive Assures solutions.

Net Worth

Net worth measures the value of an individual or company’s assets minus what they owe, used as an indicator for investments as well as wealth management strategies. Net worth has become an often discussed topic within popular culture with lists ranked according to wealthiest individuals and companies.

Olive’s proposed acquisition of quality convertible debentures and public and private equities will add diversification to its current portfolio, which is predominantly resource-focused. Furthermore, this transaction will reduce single investments’ weight in its CiF portfolio by providing increased diversification. A valuation test will be performed before final closing within 60 days.

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