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Olive has extensive experience recruiting across all levels of Pharmaceutical, Property, and Financial sectors as well as career coaching many senior individuals. By providing appropriate strategies, support, and guidance these individuals gain confidence, break out of negative habits, and shift their mindsets in order to create the career of their dreams.

Early Life and Education

Olive Consulting and Training Solutions provide consulting and training solutions tailored to various organizational needs. Their services include conducting assessments, analysing issues and making recommendations. Furthermore, these solutions assist in implementing changes and increasing productivity within an organisation.

Established in 2008 and located in St. Louis, Missouri, AI-Powered Medical Analytics LLC provides clinical analysis services as well as supply chain management to healthcare providers and payers in healthcare systems nationwide. Their flagship revenue cycle management and utilization analytics tools are trusted by some of the top healthcare systems.

IntelliCare’s intelligence engine helps reduce friction for healthcare professionals, freeing them to focus on patients and enhance the care experience. Powered by new technology on a modern architecture that integrates data, its automation elevates human capabilities while driving rapid health system progress.

Professional Career

Olive Consulting Group works closely with medical device companies and consulting firms who require assistance with Quality Assurance Post Market Surveillance services. Their team specializes in creating solutions tailored to align with client goals while fulfilling compliance and quality requirements.

Utilizing a tool that enables stakeholders to anonymously rank individual spec requirements helps teams overcome departmental bias and reach an average reading. Furthermore, such tools enable teams to keep an archive of top requirements from similar projects which helps spark conversations about them.

Intelligent automation alleviates friction for healthcare professionals and elevates human capabilities, while simultaneously decreasing revenue leakage and denials. Olive’s software was built with modern architecture in mind and utilizes industry standards.

Achievement and Honors

Olive has worked extensively with senior managers and leaders from pharmaceutical, property and financial sectors as a coach and mentor. She has also assisted several SMEs on the NatWest Entrepreneurial Spark programme.

As the founder of Callive, she helps nonprofits create strong governance and management structures. A leader in community development, Callive was recently recognized by CNHED as an Outstanding Woman in Business.

She provides marketing consultancy to domestic and foreign olive oil producers, as well as sensory assessment classes. As one of the founding members of the California Olive Oil Council Taste Panel and leading panel tasting sessions internationally. She also consults for economic development programs such as developing an olive oil industry in Albania through U.S. funding; ultimately becoming one of the foremost experts on olive oil authenticity and quality evaluation.

Personal Life

I offer service based business owners assistance in creating sustainable marketing practices to optimize their online presence, cultivate an audience, and generate leads. 1:1, personalized consultations are available.

Olive leverages automation and intelligence to decrease revenue cycle friction for healthcare professionals, expanding human capabilities while improving patient experiences. Built on modern architecture with interconnected technology platforms, Olive’s solutions deliver faster than RFPs while driving financial health within organizations.

Olive starts each engagement by speaking directly to their client’s stakeholders to understand their perspectives and requirements, then creates an evaluation framework with set criteria, inviting relevant vendors into their platform for responses.

Net Worth

A person’s net worth can be defined as the sum total of all their assets minus liabilities. This may include tangible assets like homes and cars as well as investments and savings accounts that contain cash. When considering one’s net worth it is essential only including items with real measurable values that can easily be sold for cash – something like an automobile has an obvious market value while more complex pieces may require professional valuation or advice before being counted in one’s net worth calculation.

Net worth can help individuals to set financial goals and build an emergency savings fund. A positive net worth can also aid individuals when financing businesses or seeking loans as it’s one factor lenders consider when assessing eligibility for credit. A growing net worth may also serve as a sign that future financial security will soon follow.

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