Olive Festival

The Olive Festival in Nyons, France

Olives are an integral part of Cypriot culture; in fact, two olive branches can even be seen on its flag! Olives also play a vital part in Jewish religious observance.

This event serves as an annual fundraiser for the Historical Society and features vendors specializing in olive and olive oil products, arts & crafts items and live entertainment.

Early Life and Education

This event honors the past role olives have had in Oroville while giving people an opportunity to meet current growers. Additionally, this fundraiser for Butte County Historical Society helps build its membership base.

The society is in the midst of raising funds to make necessary repairs at 1480 Lincoln St, home of Freda Ehmann – widely considered the “mother” of California ripe olives – who developed an improved canning process earning her recognition by the Who’s Who of American Women.

Festival attendees can sample tasty creations as well as attend informative talks about this hardy fruit that thrives under harsh conditions – one which has long been an integral part of Mediterranean cultures for thousands of years.

Achievement and Honors

Over time, this festival has evolved to include products and food related to olives; its organizers hope that by providing bus services back into service more people will be able to attend and help make this an eventful weekend.

At this one-day fundraiser, guests can sample wine from 30 local vintners and listen to world-class professional musicians from across the globe. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to attend olive-related discussions by experts and local chefs.

The Festival is hosted at Freda Ehmann’s house in Oroville, which serves as both a museum and event center. Proceeds from this annual event benefit both maintenance of these institutions as well as supporting community outreach projects. Every year it draws thousands of visitors, as well as offering many activities tailored specifically to children and families.

Personal Life

Olive oil is a central element of Jewish tradition, serving to light the seven-branched menorah at Hanukkah and other holidays as well as being considered holy. For this reason, its purity must remain unadulterated. Journalist Tom Mueller has written extensively about fraud in the olive oil industry, coining this phenomenon “agri-mafia.”

At this free event, guests will have an opportunity to sample an array of cuisine from local restaurants while experiencing live musical entertainment and arts & crafts activities. Proceeds will go toward supporting local non-profits.

The festival will raise money for the historical society to cover repairs on Ehmann home that need major repair, including termite damage repair and dry rot damage restoration as well as electrical upgrades and plumbing upgrades. Furthermore, tours will be available during this festival event.

Net Worth

No kitchen can function without high-grade olive oil – be it to saute scallops or brighten up a salad! And for some of France’s finest olive oils, visit Nyons when the Alicoque olive festival is underway.

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