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Mount Olive Township offers stunning scenery, recreation and history all within its borders. Home to several signature lakes, residential communities and commercial developments – as well as its residents – Mount Olive Township boasts numerous amenities for those living and working here.

Faith-based communities in the township have deep roots. Many churches date back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

Early Life and Education

UNESCO holds that an inclusive early childhood is one of the greatest investments a country can make; it promotes holistic development, gender equality, social cohesion and increases chances of a healthier and prosperous future for future generations.

After several years of home schooling T.C., his parents and T.C. attended Mount Olive Middle School’s enrollment process with the aim of transitioning him into general-education curriculum. All three attended annual IEP meetings together.

Plaintiffs allege that the Township violated IDEA by failing to regularly revisit T.C.’s transition plan and requirements, which is without merit since it would have been easy for the plaintiffs to present evidence that showed how T.C. wasn’t meeting his obligations as part of a transition plan or requirements review process.

Professional Career

As an employee in this role, you will be expected to perform various manual laboring tasks such as sanitization work, garbage collection, vehicle maintenance and driving as required. Your work will be directly overseen by a designated supervisor; your salary for this position depends on experience and qualifications.

Click on any company name below to view salary ranges, histograms and trends as well as compare average salaries with those found at Mount Olive Township.

Township boasts a significant presence of companies with their headquarters or offices located here, many of them holding job fairs to recruit workers from nearby towns.

Achievement and Honors

Olive Township needs the support of businesses, nonprofits, civic clubs, religious organizations and other groups who wish to invest in its students in order to fulfill its educational mission. Discover ways that you can contribute!

As early as 1816, Socum District in this township and perhaps all of Berks County saw the first schoolhouse opened. It was located on William Warren’s farm from Massachusetts who settled near Warren’s Run and raised four children – William, Priscilla Sophia and James Warren.

Captain Simeon Blake moved from New England to Washington County and later Duck Creek in 1812. Here he raised an extended family: Benjamin, Israel, Alfred, Simeon (living in Noble County), Mahala, Sybil and Lucinda – with four other siblings still at home residing with them at that time.

Personal Life

Olive is one of the county’s finest townships. Early settlers such as the Stephens family from Boston who settled where South Olive now stands are worthy of note; today their descendants remain prominent members of both community life and church activities.

Early plowing implements were primitive devices made up of forked sticks shaped into mold boards resembling moldboards and covered with iron strips for protection. Hoes and forks were also common tools of trade.

Basil Morgareidge was born in Olive Township and soon after began farming before venturing into mercantile business in Caldwell and eventually Dudley. He joined Sharon Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, as well as becoming involved with Universalist church activities.

Net Worth

Mount Olive offers its residents much to love about life there. Situated within easy access of major highways and attractions such as Schooley’s Mountain Park, this township makes an excellent place for families. Additionally, Mount Olive boasts affordable homes and a lower cost of living compared to average US cities.

Dennis Gibbs was among the earliest settlers of Olive Township. Having come from Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1819, he served as justice of the peace and on Morgan County commissioners’ boards.

Mr. Gibbs relocated to Noble County in 1852 and engaged in farming and stock-raising, raising five sons and two daughters who are all still alive today. In his time here he served as township clerk, drain commissioner, and justice of the peace before his passing away in 1909.

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