Olive Village

Olive Village, Greece – A Trip Back in Time

Visit Olive is like taking a step back in time.

Village once known for being an oasis in a desert climate is now home to orange groves and vegetable crops that thrive despite heat of desert living conditions.

Olive trees were nearly extinct until recently; as an attempt to save their ecosystem, villagers started recruiting “godparents” who would adopt olive trees.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

This company crafts their products with great attention to both tradition and innovation in small-scale sourcing, offering organic food directly from family farms in rural Greece at reasonable prices. Their aim is to give their consumers raw, quality foods.

The Olive Village Font is an elegant sans-serif typeface designed and shared by Ivan Rosenberg, featuring its distinct vintage aesthetic with its distinct 70’s vibe reminiscent of display sizes but easily legible in text size. Available both Regular and Italic variants.

This role requires design, photography and video production services for Olive’s ministry programs and events. The successful candidate will adhere to visual design and media standards set by Olive’s Director of Marketing to build ministry brands that align with Olive’s parent brand identity.

Achievement and Honors

Olive oil producers continue to struggle with rising harvest and production costs. Rising prices often translate to reduced consumer consumption as people become reluctant to pay premium prices for olive oil products.

Tomislav Duvnjak from Dalmatia in Croatia won his inaugural Gold Award at the 2023 competition with extra virgin oil St. Ivan Oblica. “This achievement confirms we are on the right path,” he stated.

Ptora Midnight Coratina from Western Lesbos’ Lachish site earned another Gold Award. Produced at night during a painstaking process designed to protect its olives from light and heat exposure, more than 1,100 Northern Hemisphere entries vied for these quality awards; results were being announced daily until all oils have been evaluated.

Personal Life

Olive residents remain positive despite its challenges; they remain confident that Olive will survive and flourish.

Town features two excellent schools: Olive Grammar School and Lutheran Parochial. In addition, church ladies maintain an active society serving dinners while providing social interaction in the village.

On nights when Olive was sure that soldiers were prowling through the forest, she would recite verses from the 23rd Psalm to comfort herself and settle her heartbeat before sleep came easily. Reciting these Bible passages gave Olive strength for each new morning that came; memories of this ancient verse still haunt Olive today.

Net Worth

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The couple have seen their brand flourish through word-of-mouth marketing and hard work, including an innovative subscription business that sends out bottles based on new harvests. Additionally, they host events and sell to high-net-worth individuals.

Rameh olive oil is widely revered for its freshness, even when compared to Tuscany or Sicily. Because Rameh’s village is higher and farther inland, olives ripen later, producing less bitter oil that tastes creamy smooth with notes of grass and dandelion leaves. Indeed, some have even described Rameh’s olive oil as “liquid gold.”

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