Olive Wire

Olive Wire in the Medical Industry

Surgical wires play an essential role in external fixation for fractures and bone defects, as well as lengthening. Tensioned using circular rings, these wires help stabilise bone fragments.

To study the effect of tilt angle on load-deformation behavior, we examined straight smooth and twisted olive wires under conditions of central axial compression, bending, posterior bending, posteromedial bending, and torsion. Tilt angles greater than 20deg significantly increased stiffness.

Early Life and Education

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Ilizarov Olive Wire fixators are widely utilized for corrective treatments of nonunions, bone defects and limb deformities (via distraction osteogenesis). These external fixators consist of pre-tensioned thin wires transfixing bone with circular rings before being tensioned using longitudinal bars; their bending stiffness depends on load amounts; thus behaving like both beams and cables. In this study we evaluated their load-deformation behavior under central axial compression, medial compression-bending pressure (medial), posterior/postomedial compression-bending tensioning as well as torsion loads under central axial compression pressure; medial compression-bending pressure/torsion conditions to investigate its load-deformation behavior under central axial compression axial compression as well as torsion forces on different wire designs/design olive wire positioning characteristics under central axial compression pressure/torsion.

Professional Career

Olive wire has long been utilized in medicine as an aid for surgical procedures designed to stabilize fractures with multiple small fragments or those close to joints, as well as corrective treatments such as nonunions, bone defects and limb lengthening. It is commonly anchored with circular rings attached directly to bones, with tension applied by compressive or distortive loads applied as tension loads on them.

Woven wire mesh comes in many different forms, from industrial rolls and cut-to-size pieces to prefabricated components. When choosing which form best meets the user’s needs, parameters like weave pattern, wire diameter and alloy choice must all be taken into consideration.

W.S. Tyler can assist in finding the ideal solution to fit your application, using cutting-edge technologies and providing value-added services such as heat treatment and forming to guarantee we deliver exactly what is needed.

Achievement and Honors

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Ilizarov Olive Wire can become broken under extreme loads. In such an instance, surgeons and their ancillary personnel should evaluate whether it would be prudent to extract and replace it according to associated risk and available treatment options. Otherwise, over time it could loosen over time, leading to instability of fractured bones, poor healing outcomes and possible implant failure.

Personal Life

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Ilizarov Olive Wires are external fixators used for treating nonunions, bone defects and lengthening purposes. Their tensioning rings help stabilize bone fragments while their circular rings tension easily without needing sufficient force.

Woven wire mesh can be purchased in various forms, from industrial rolls to prefabricated parts. Each form factor carries with it different cost parameters that could alter the overall price of a product. W.S. Tyler offers an assortment of weave patterns so that you can find one best suited to your application.

Net Worth

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Olive wire comes in many forms, from industrial rolls and cut-to-size pieces to intricate weaving patterns made possible through centuries-old weaving techniques. As a result, this versatile material finds application across a range of applications worldwide.

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