oliven pate

Bishop Pate

Creamy spread made of black olives and garlic that makes an excellent appetizer or dressing option.

Kazzen is a company dedicated to sharing the unique treasures of Pantelleria with the rest of the world, such as this delicious pate made with salt-cured black olives and top quality extra virgin olive oil from Pantelleria.

Early Life and Education

Pate became the first member of his family to complete high school education, and later attended Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria, graduating and beginning his medical career at rural hospitals.

He later earned both his doctorate in medicine and MBA from Duke University. Additionally, he is board-certified physician for both internal medicine and infectious diseases.

Pate is an outspoken champion for Eastern North Carolina residents. He has worked to expand their economy and bring jobs and tourism to the area. A dedicated member of his community, he has given generously to several charitable causes while championing children’s rights and advocating for affordable healthcare; all while receiving multiple awards.

Professional Career

Pate has been involved with olive oil sales for almost two decades. She served as president of the National Association of Olive Oil Merchants and worked at two of the biggest producers in the US.

Additionally, she is an accomplished author with several books published on olive oil. Furthermore, she has hosted multiple television and radio programs on this subject matter.

She serves on the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Advisory Board on Small Business and Entrepreneurship and sits on the boards of Texas Chamber of Commerce and Cedar Creek Airport Authority, earning numerous honors and awards throughout her professional career as well as being an devoted mother and grandmother.

Achievement and Honors

Empeltre black olive pate is made with carefully chosen black olives from their region, the finest extra virgin olive oil, and ingredients free from artificial preservatives or colorants – ideal as an appetizer, on croutons, bruschetta or in pasta or meat sauces.

Q Exactive Orbitrap LC-MS/MS was used to isolate and quantify natural antioxidants found in this olive pate. Our results from a randomized controlled study demonstrated that nutritional supplementation with an olive pate enhanced with natural antioxidants recovered from olive mill wastewater increased levels of these compounds in blood, providing an innovative approach for providing an essential nutrient that has many health advantages including anti-atherogenic, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory benefits; further promoting Mediterranean diet enhancements.

Personal Life

After spending several years serving Australia’s military, Pate made the transition into radio and American television acting and writing roles, appearing in numerous series and movies such as Hondo in 1955. Additionally he adapted two plays for stage use.

This delicious black olive pate is created using carefully chosen Pantelleria black olives and the highest-grade extra virgin olive oil, along with other ingredients that give this delicious spread its rustic yet velvety smooth taste. Ideal for serving on bruschetta or dressing salads!

Micah’s family mourns her every day and hopes her story can serve as a warning for anyone caught up in an abusive relationship. A documentary detailing Micah’s story is currently under production.

Net Worth

Bishop Pate is estimated to have an estimated net worth of approximately $90 Million, having founded several successful companies and made numerous charitable donations, in addition to contributing towards building a prayer house and conducting three prayer vigils spanning 7 1/2 months each.

This delectable black olive pate with herbs and extra-native olive oil makes an exquisite spread for gerostetten bread or bruschetta, as well as adding flavorful flare to pasta or meat salad dishes. Perfectly suitable as an aperitif table centerpiece. Each ingredient is selected carefully before being processed by hand according to an age-old tradition recipe.

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