Oliver Bretherton

Oliver Bretherton, 41, Strikes Off Roll of Solicitors

Oliver Bretherton, former chairman of Gowling WLG and one-time City lawyer, has been removed from practice for telling one of his teenage junior colleagues to masturbate in front of her peers while swapping intimate pictures with her and encouraging masturbation during work parties. Bretherton admitted to calling the female as his “fittest blonde,” as well as kissing her at work parties.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Oliver Bretherton was today stripped from the roll of solicitors after being found guilty of misconduct. Former partner at Gowling WLG and in an influential position when found engaging in a fantasy sexual relationship with an 18-year-old female colleague and bombarding her with messages including one depicting him masturbating, Bretherton has been removed from legal practice as a result.

Bretherton further violated a number of allegations against him after placing ice cubes down her dress back and making comments about her cleavage at a firm event. Following an intensive 12-day hearing process, some allegations were upheld against Bretherton.

Gunnercooke issued a statement condemning one of its former employees’ behavior, adding that any individuals coming forward with complaints will be supported and that there was a strong culture supporting women at work within Gunnercooke.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver Bretherton had worked as both a director with Gowling WLG and banking and finance partner with Gunnercooke before being suspended after 70 specific allegations were upheld against him by a Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, reports the Law Gazette.

A married lawyer reportedly told his young legal apprentice he wanted to have sexual contact in front of colleagues at work, prompting intimate messages between the pair – including video showing him masturbating. Additionally, he sent leaked nude pictures from Love Island contestant contestants as well as requests to use vibrators during working hours.

Person A reported feeling harassed by Bretherton. She claimed he communicated frequently about her sex life and demanded photos when she was out with friends.

Personal Life

Oliver Bretherton of Gowling WLG became obsessed with an 18-year-old apprentice half his age and bombarded her with requests for explicit pictures and videos, including one showing himself masturbating. According to allegations against Bretherton, 41, as she spread her legs in an adjustable firm swivel chair while sitting close by and sent messages asking what it would feel like if he touched her, along with throwing ping-pong balls down the front of her dress that missed him – thus leading him off his role as solicitor.

He asked her to engage in sexual acts both in the office and at home at night and told her a picture of her turned him on, while also describing another 23-year-old colleague as “hot” and competing to be his favorite blonde, according to The Law Gazette. After being found guilty on 70 allegations by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal he moved onto virtual firm Gunnercooke which promptly fired him once the ruling was issued this week.

Net Worth

City lawyer Oliver Bretherton was disbarred following an investigation conducted by a tribunal, which found him engaging in a sexual fantasy relationship with an 18-year-old apprentice known as Person A. Bretherton sent sexual messages throughout the day before carefully monitoring whether Person A deleted them.

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal heard that Bretherton gave a young woman tasks’related to his sexual gratification’ and sent explicit messages, throwing ping-pong balls down her dress that she was required to retrieve when they dropped from it.

He admitted sending her links to pornographic content, erotic literature and leaked nudes from Love Island stars; telling her one picture of her caught his attention; as well as watching as she spread her legs on a swivel chair in her office and sending pictures of her breasts.

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