Oliver Stewart

Oliver Stewart – A New Zealand Comedian

In 1917 Stewart began flying photographic escort missions for 54 Squadron with the Sopwith Pup or Scout aircraft, becoming famously known for surviving “Bloody April”, when superior German aircraft caused widespread destruction of air forces across Europe.

Bee regularly features celebrity guests on her show, such as Jamie Oliver. In one episode obtained by People, Oliver shows Stewart how to make lemon cheesecake using a food processor.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Stewart recently won a Prime Minister’s Oranga Tamariki Award and hopes to use his success to help others. As 2021 Kamo High School Prefect, an aspiring photographer is hoping to inspire members of his community with his photography.

At age 17, his passion for aviation was ignited upon visiting the Hendon Air Show. According to his memoirs, both aircraft and fashionable women mesmerized him, inspiring him to pursue both passions throughout his life.

After graduating from Eureka College, Stewart entered church service and was actively engaged in evangelistic work. Additionally, he held office with Illinois Christian Endeavour Union, Chautauqua platforms and lecture platforms before being elected to Illinois legislature on Prohibition ticket in 1902.

Professional Career

Oliver is a strategy consultant specializing in helping companies incorporate social and environmental goals into their business models. He holds a Masters in Manufacturing Engineering, and enjoys helping people.

He began his military career as an officer with the King’s Royal Rifle Corps, seeing action both in India in 1891-92 and Chitral during 1895. For this service he was recognized with the Distinguished Service Order award in 1897.

Stewart joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) in January 1917 and was assigned to 22 Squadron, flying photographic escort missions using Sopwith Pup or Scout aircraft – hazardous sorties which exposed Stewart and 22 Squadron to enemy anti-aircraft fire as well as fighter aircraft pursuing them from France.

Oliver will return to Elite Motorsport for the 2023 GB3 season, joining McKenzy Cresswell and Ayato Iwasaki in Norfolk team’s capacity roster. Oliver first began testing GB3 machinery last November with Elite and has participated in multiple pre-season test days across UK circuits since then.

Achievement and Honors

INSA is honored to recognize General Stewart for his distinguished 38-year career in intelligence and national security, including leading USCYBERCOM development. His accomplishments serve as a fitting tribute to the William Oliver Baker Award dinner’s mission – honoring excellence within U.S. intelligence and national security activities.

In 1917 Stewart began flying photographic escort missions for 54 Squadron in a Sopwith Pup – a slow moving biplane which attracted heavy German anti-aircraft fire and attracted fighter attacks from enemy aircraft – but he persevered through “Bloody April” despite its introduction of superior German aircraft, eventually earning himself promotion to flight lieutenant status.

At Martlesham Heath, he became acquainted with some of the greats in British aircraft manufacture including Frederick Handley Page, Oswald Short and AV Roe. Additionally, he wrote authoritatively on air combat as well as its social and emotional repercussions of modern war.

Personal Life

He served in the Illinois House of Representatives from 1902-1905 on the Prohibition ticket, often leading reform work and speaking on Chautauqua or lecture platforms.

Stewart joined the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) at the outbreak of World War I and won a Military Cross in 1917 for flying photographic escort missions for 54 Squadron with their Sopwith Pups near front lines where pilots faced exposure to enemy ground fire and aircraft fire.

He managed to escape camp life through purchasing a motorcycle, enabling him to pursue another passion: women. His memoirs offer insight into the breaking down of social and moral barriers across Britain and France in 1917.

Net Worth

Oliver still faces immigration difficulties despite marrying an American, yet his earnings from television shows and endorsement deals place him among the world’s wealthiest comedians.

Oliver first gained national acclaim while guest-hosting The Daily Show for eight weeks during summer 2013. Due to his strong performance, HBO granted him his own show: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver which premiered April 27, 2014.

Critics have widely lauded Oliver for his investigative journalism on this show. His staff has been credited with investigating the Miss America organization, uncovering that only a fraction of claimed scholarships reach women. Oliver also champions improvement to motor racing circuit safety with campaigns calling for better medical facilities and track improvements.

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