Oliver Taza

Oliver Taza – The Rising Star of IBJJF No Gi Jiu-Jitsu

Oliver Taza is an incredible grappler regardless of the ruleset used, but the introduction of heel hooks and leg reaping into IBJJF competition has allowed him to truly shine.

Lebanese-Canadian competitor Firas Zahabi and John Danaher have helped him excel at every level of competition; winning numerous professional events as well as competing at both ADCC Trials and European Trials competitions.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Taza was born in Beirut, Lebanon but later relocated with his family to Canada where he would live for most of his adult life. Beginning to train jiu-jitsu at 14, Taza began training under Tristar head coach Firas Zahabi under Tristar head coach Firas Zahabi under Tristar head coach Firas Zahabi’s guidance at Tristar in two years time and in two more he earned his brown belt within two years from Tristar. At purple belt level Taza began traveling New York John Danaher’s classes which led him eventually earning blackbelt status from legendary coach John Danaher in 2021 — with Stanley Rosa being defeated using an incredible heelhook from behind! In 2019 Taza won ADCC North American Trials by defeating Stanley Rosa via heelhook!

Professional Career

Oliver Taza is one of the world’s premier no gi grapplers. Training with Renzo Gracie’s gym in New York City’s Danaher Death Squad, Oliver has proven himself at Polaris, Metamoris, ADCC Trials and No Gi Worlds competitions alike.

Taza is an expert at leg locks, taking full advantage of recent changes to IBJJF rules that permit heel hooks and reaping of legs in brown and black belt no gi competitions. He’s also become well known as one of the top competitors at submission-only tournaments.

Firas Zahabi has long been recognized for his MMA coaching of Rory McDonald; more recently his influence can also be found in jiu jitsu with Ethan Crelinsten and Piere-Olivier Leclerc training under him. He attributes much of his success to training with what he considers to be one of the world’s premier teams: Firas’ Jiu Jitsu team in particular has proven an asset.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver Taza is an exceptional jiu-jitsu competitor who trains under John Danaher at New Wave Jiu-Jitsu in Toronto, Ontario. Taza, who hails from Lebanon but now resides in Canada, has made waves on the international jiu-jitsu circuit by winning titles such as ADCC Europe Trials and Jitz King Invitational tournaments.

Taza and his teammate Stanley Rosa recently made history at the Dallas Open by becoming the first ever heel hook champions in IBJJF history! Taza, known for his leg lock expertise and IBJJF’s decision to allow heel hooks at brown belt competitions was thrilled about this achievement.

Taza and GSP took part in the Submission Challenge held at Tri Star MMA (home of UFC fighter GSP), pitting two submission experts against one another. Watch their impressive transitions and subs in this video below!

Personal Life

Oliver Taza is one of the world’s premier grapplers. Competing worldwide and winning numerous big events, Oliver is part of the Danaher Death Squad training alongside MMA fighters Gordon Ryan and Garry Tonon as well as grappling legend John Danaher himself.

Taza’s training style has brought him much success. With an eye for detail and hard work aimed at refining techniques, he works to constantly advance his jiu-jitsu game – with great appreciation for those who helped get him here today.

Taza recently competed at Emerald City 3 and bested Nick Domgjoni via submission to claim victory and claim the championship title.

Net Worth

Oliver Taza is an accomplished professional Jiu Jitsu competitor who earns an extensive income through training and competing. Additionally, he hosts seminars and has produced instructional videos for Checkmat which include: ‘Lasso Guard Attacks & Omoplata Mastery’, ‘Bullet Proof Back Escapes From Deep Turtle’ and ‘No-Gi Choke Mastery’. Taza trains under Danaher at New Wave BJJ in Montreal Canada where you can watch his submission skills in action below!

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