Olives Gordal

Olives Gordal

Gordal olives hailing from Andalucia in Spain offer an exquisite flavorful experience. Big and juicy with mild yet refreshing notes, Gordal olives can often be found stuffed with peppers or garlic for added variety – or served alongside Manchego cheese for an authentic Spanish experience.

The ‘Gordal Sevillana’ cultivar produces 75 percent of Spain’s table olive production and is well known for its fleshiness and flavor. The fruit produced from this cultivar are oval in shape with slightly asymmetric edges, harvested green.

Early Life and Education

The olive plant and humans have coexisted for at least 5,000 to 6,000 years, as its presence can be detected along the Mediterranean coast of Greece, southern Italy, and western Turkey based on written texts found on clay tablets, milling stones and artifacts associated with olive trees.

These olives hail from Andalucia’s vast production zone (60% to 80% of Spain’s olive oil production). Large and green in color, with zesty flavors that undergo brine curing before being named “fat ones.” Their name refers to both their size and meaty texture – hence its translation as ‘fatty one”.

Successful super-high density olive orchards feature tree spacings of 3 to 5 feet between rows, and two to four trunks sprouting from one location. This system ensures an abundant harvest while creating more balanced trees.

Professional Career

Olives gordal are a type of table olive grown primarily in Seville province in Spain and used for both oil production and food consumption. Their primary use, however, is for oil production due to their cold-weather resistance and high yields of fruit when fully mature – they produce black fruit that readily comes away from its pit when fully ripe.

Olives gordal offer outstanding quality and unique flavor, perfect for snacking or tapas. Their delicious oil makes the trees suitable for dry climates while their attractive willow-like appearance attracts passersby. Research shows the olive tree can produce large quantities of oil; landscaping applications include its adaptability in planting various locations as well as adaptability with climate. Its easy maintenance also makes these trees invaluable additions. Grafting also makes their care much simpler.

Achievement and Honors

Spain produces twice the global olive output as any other nation and boasts an abundance of varieties, with Gordal olives being particularly notable. They boast large, crisp fleshiness with just the slightest spice from using guindilla chillies for marinating; making these olives the centerpiece of any appetizer platter or olive mix.

This jar is filled with carefully chosen, blemish-free Gordal olives from Losada Family Company in Carmona outside Seville and slow cured with low salt brine to bring out their full, authentic flavors.

Gordal olives are revered as one of the crowning jewels of Spanish table olives, famed for their large size, fine delicate flavor and firm meaty texture. Furthermore, this aromatic variety boasts an ideal ratio between food pulp and stone content.

Personal Life

Losada uses traditional methods to craft their olives, giving them their distinctive taste. After pitting their Gordal olives they cure them in a neutral brine that allows all their delicate flavors to shine through.

Gordal olives are large green olives with firm texture and meaty bite. Their oval, slightly asymmetrical shape is well known worldwide as one of the best-selling table olives. Due to low oil content they don’t make for good olive oil production; instead they can be enjoyed for their fine delicate flavor and firm bite as table olives.

Xavi Buil was raised near Priorat with grandparents who farmed grapes, olives, and almonds – giving him dreams of founding his own business to produce and sell traditional local items in honor of them.

Net Worth

Gordal olives have earned them the name “fat one”. While not used for oil production due to low yield, Gordals make stunning table olives with firm bite and delicate flavor – Losada treats them in neutral brine that balances salt with bitterness, so the true character of Gordals shines through.

This olive is perfect for tapas or an antipasti platter of cheeses and cold cuts, or filled with sweet fig for an exquisitely rich experience that will impress all your guests! Don’t miss this treat!

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