Olivia Newton John Xanadu Costume

Olivia Newton-John’s Xanadu Costume Is Being Auctioned Off For Charity

It’s been thirty years since Olivia Newton-John starred in the fantasy film Xanadu. The 1980 movie is a camp classic. But it wasn’t a box-office smash. Instead, it became a cult favorite. Today, Xanadu is considered one of the most eclectic and eccentric cult films of all time. And now, it’s being auctioned off for charity.

For the 1980 film, Newton-John played Kira, a young woman who travels to California to roller skate. She wears a sexy dress that’s meant to be classical, but also swayed when she skates. There are feminine touches throughout the costume, such as leg warmers and a white blouse.

Xanadu was written by Richard Christian Danus, and directed by Robert Greenwald. It was released on July 31, 1980. At the time, Xanadu had been a box-office flop. However, it was a success on Broadway, where it earned a Tony award. That success reverberated around the world, and a soundtrack album was a hit. It also helped bring the film back into the public consciousness.

Since its release in 1980, Xanadu has soared to become one of the most beloved cult classics of all time. The film has been re-released and is even being produced on Broadway today. Although it doesn’t hold up very well to critics’ standards, Xanadu is still a cult classic. It’s one of those movies that feels like an essay film.

As for the costumes, Xanadu boasts some of the most exquisite costuming ever seen in a Hollywood film. From the vintage roller skates to the Jim Morrison mannequin, everything in Xanadu has an eye-poppingly unique design.

While the outfits in Xanadu are incredibly distinctive, they were only a small part of the movie’s success. Newton-John’s performance was so memorable, that the character of Sandy Olsson was nominated for a Golden Globe. Also, it’s believed that her performance inspired many Halloween costumes. Despite the critical acclaim of Xanadu, its box-office performance was disastrous.

So, how can you recreate the looks of Xanadu? If you can’t afford to go to the theater, you can make a costume yourself. First, you’ll need a pair of roller skates and a good pair of leg warmers. Next, you’ll want a sexy, classical-looking “muse” dress. Make sure the dress has elastic in the top and the shoulders. It should also sway when you’re skating. You’ll need a pair of thigh-high Manuel cowboy boots, too.

If you’re looking for an authentic Xanadu costume, it’s best to start with the basics. To create a truly original look, you’ll want to start with a full skirt. Add some asymmetrical pieces, like a sequinned hemline and a high ponytail. Of course, you can wear separates for a more comfortable feel.

Whether you’re dressing up for a night of spooky fun or a day of sexy entertainment, Xanadu has a little something for everyone. Aside from its stellar performances and cinematic design, it’s a great way to get your fashion fix.

Even if you can’t make your own Xanadu costume, you can still celebrate the film’s iconic style by attending the auction on November 2. The proceeds from the auction will benefit the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre.

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