Otto Daniels

Otto Daniels

Otto Daniels was a master culinary chef who traveled the globe, winning many prestigious awards and accolades along the way. Additionally, he taught at SAIT and led an extremely fulfilling and rich life.

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Early Life and Education

Otto Daniels was born October 22 and died June 18 in Crook, West Virginia where he was interred at Pinecrest Cemetery. He left behind his wife, three sons, and four daughters as survivors.

Shadowboxer was his debut directorial effort and explored organized crime and interracial relationships, winning many awards as well as Oscar nominations for Halle Berry and Mo’Nique. Four years later he produced Precious which unflinchingly explored parental abuse and child neglect – winning multiple awards along the way and garnering nominations from Academy voters for Halle Berry and Mo’Nique.

Atkins cocreated Empire (2015), an award-winning family drama about a music mogul and his family. Additionally, he contributed prolifically as an author in various publications; was active at Trinity Lutheran Church and an avid Kentucky sports fan.

Professional Career

He was an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, having played on Bob Dylan albums. Additionally, he co-wrote Jamey Johnson’s radio smash hit “In Color”.

He established his own production company in 2001 and made Monster’s Ball (2001), an important drama about biracial relationships and racial discord in America starring Halle Berry.

Daniels then turned his focus to television, co-creating Empire (2015) a hit show starring Taraji P. Henson as an ambitious hip-hop mogul with her family. Daniels returned to direct in 2021 with The United States Vs Billie Holiday which told her life story; nominated for an Emmy Award and well received by critics but not much at box office,

Personal Life

Otto Daniels is an active participant in his community. He volunteers his time for numerous charitable causes and finds great pleasure in traveling the globe and sampling delicious cuisine. Additionally, Otto enjoys spending his free time with his beautiful wife and three children who bring much happiness.

He currently resides on Mayflower Ave NW in North Lawrence and was previously associated with Heidi Bowman and Karen Genogle. According to those who know him best, he is known for being kind, generous and friendly.

In 2013, Lee Daniels approached him with his screenplay for Lee Daniels’ The Butler, inspired by Eugene Allen who served the White House for over thirty years as butler. Forest Whitaker played Eugene Allen and it earned numerous critical acclaim and awards.

Net Worth

Net worth differs from income in that it takes into account all of your assets – such as your home, second home and rental properties. Achieving high net worth could result from careful saving practices, inheritance of funds or holding onto assets with appreciated values over time.

Otto Daniels is best-known as a host on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, having previously appeared on various other televised programs including Bob & Tom, Tens, Loveline and Kevin & Bean. Additionally, Otto Daniels is known as being Jewel Kilcher’s father – other members of her Kilcher family include Atz, Eivin Levi & Owen who all appear as guests on Tosh.0! All four live together in a homestead where they raise and milk cattle as well as hunt and farm!

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