Pat Fallon Net Worth

Pat Fallon Net Worth – A Well-Known Businessman With an Estimated Net Worth of More Than a Few Million Dollars

Pat Fallon is a Republican member of Congress for Texas’ 4th district, which extends from Dallas suburbs to Oklahoma’s Red River border. Additionally, he serves on both the House Armed Services Committee and its Cyber, IT Technologies & Innovation subcommittee.

He ran a successful patriotic-themed clothing business before entering politics, where he has enjoyed considerable success. An Air Force veteran and former councilman, he is widely respected for his conservative policies.

Early Life and Education

Congressman Pat Fallon is a former Air Force pilot and co-founder of an patriotic clothing business. Currently serving in Texas House of Representatives representing 4th District North Texas. Additionally he sits on both Armed Services Committee as well as Cyber, Information Technologies and Innovation subcommittee.

He has established himself in the entertainment industry thanks to his comedic talent and hard work, earning a considerable sum from various projects such as releasing a comedy album and starring in a Netflix special. Furthermore, publishing a book has only furthered his net worth.

Despite his challenging upbringing, he has overcome all odds to achieve success. His resilience and talent serve as a beacon for others facing similar obstacles in their own lives.

Professional Career

Fallon has long been an advocate for conservative virtues and values in Congress, serving on both the House Armed Services Committee (where he sits as chairman of its Cyber, Information Technologies and Innovation subcommittee) as well as sitting on its Oversight Committee as chairman of its Economic Growth, Energy Policy and Regulatory Affairs subcommittee.

In 2021, he won election to represent Texas’ fourth congressional district – North Texas and Texoma region. Prior to that he served in the Texas state Senate from 2013-20. Additionally he founded and owned an advertising agency before receiving degrees from Notre Dame University.

All new members of Congress must take ethics training that covers financial disclosure rules. While the Office of Congressional Ethics could investigate, Bryson Morgan, former investigative counsel of the House Ethics Committee doubts that Fallon will face any significant penalties.

Achievement and Honors

Pat Fallon is an esteemed businessman with an estimated net worth of several millions. His success as an ad agency owner stands out, serving as an inspiration to many. Working hard towards attaining his current standing has proven fruitful.

Virtus Apparel, based out of Prosper and with over 12 national locations nationwide, specializes in military and patriotic apparel.

Fallon previously served on the Frisco City Council and currently represents Texas’s 4th congressional district, which runs from Dallas suburbs to Red River near Oklahoma’s border. As an active Republican Party member, Fallon lives in Frisco with his wife and two sons Thomas and Mac.

Personal Life

Pat Fallon is a conservative businessman and politician from Texas who serves in the Texas Senate for District 30. Known for advocating limited government and lower taxes, Fallon supports 2nd Amendment rights as well as banning sanctuary cities, historical monuments, Pro-Life initiatives and income taxes.

Virtus Apparel, located in Prosper, is co-owned by Fallon who serves in the Texas state legislature from 2013-20 as an Air Force veteran and Republican Party member, from 2013-20. Fallon is committed to upholding freedom and security for Texans while being married with two children – Thomas and Mac – living in Frisco Texas. Sign up here for The Brief, The Texas Tribune’s daily newsletter for more updates from Fallon!

Net Worth

Fallon dedicated himself to serving Texas House of Representatives by working to secure its border, ban sanctuary cities, protect historical monuments and uphold both the 2nd and 10th Amendments as well as providing property tax relief to Texas taxpayers.

Air Force veteran and founder of patriotic clothing line, now serves on both Armed Services Committee and Oversight and Government Reform committees in Congress.

In April 2021, the House Ethics Committee initiated an investigation against Fallon for failing to disclose more than 90 stock trades promptly since 2016. He made over 21 trades of National General Corp stock since 2016 – most recently exercising 1,500 units worth $37,620 on 6 May 2020.

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