Patrick 90 Day Fiance Sister Eye

90 Day Fiance Sister Eye Blemish

The 90 Day Fiance family reunion episode got fans talking Sunday, but it was Patrick’s older sister Tiffany who really caught everyone’s attention with her nasty-looking black eye. After a quick question from a producer about her injury, Tiffany explained that she fell on ice and smacked her face in the area of her eye.

While Tiffany is adamant that the blemish is from an accident and is nothing to worry about, some Twitter users are wondering if it was a domestic violence incident. A fan page on Instagram shared a still image from the episode and the comment read, “Is she lying?”

On a previous episode, Patrick admitted that he was into getting his body in shape before Thais arrived to meet him. He waxed, tanned, got a haircut and lost some weight to make sure he looked his best for the arrival of his bride-to-be.

In fact, fans were so impressed with his physical transformation that they created a Reddit thread comparing photos of him from 2010 to 2020. It was a stunning sight and made people even more intrigued about what he’s done to look so amazing!

This week, the reality show hit the road to Massachusetts as Patrick and Thais met up with his mom Paula and older sister Tiffany. The family hasn’t been close in the past, but they’re starting to get closer.

It’s clear that Tiffany has a lot of love for Patrick, but she is also hesitant to marry him. She is worried about her father’s reaction and isn’t sure if she will be able to handle the pressure of marriage in the future.

She tells her mother that she feels like she’d rather be back in Brazil, but that she loves Patrick and knows that he will change. Her mother encourages her to open up and talk about her feelings, as she’s been unsure of how to react to this relationship.

Her family also seems to be hesitant about how this could impact their relationships, especially with Patrick’s mom. She says she doesn’t want to push away Thais, but that she wants her to realize that their relationship is not going to last forever.

While Thais tries on several wedding dresses, she struggles to shake her doubts about the future. She even finds a gorgeous dress, but she still doesn’t feel confident about her decision to marry Patrick.

On the other hand, her dad accepts her decision to marry Patrick and he is supportive of their relationship. He also said he thinks that she’s grown up a lot since they’ve started dating, which is great to hear!

The couple’s relationship has also been strained, and Thais told her father that she thought about returning to Brazil. However, she was scared that she would hurt Patrick’s feelings and he didn’t approve of the idea.

In the meantime, her mother’s health is deteriorating. She’s battling lung cancer and has only one year left to live.

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