Penn And Kim Holderness Wedding

The Kim and Penn Holderness Wedding

The Holderness family is a dynamic and well-connected family. They have a YouTube channel called “The Holderness family” and own a production company. Their videos are popular and have racked up millions of views. In addition to their work on YouTube, Kim and Penn are involved in many other projects, such as working with brands for product launches and helping international companies with their video content.

While the couple’s net worth is not known, they have made a name for themselves on YouTube. They have over 4.5 million followers and are viewed over 1 billion times. Many of their videos have received millions of views, such as the video titled, “Xmas Jammies”.

The couple first met while working in the local news business. They moved to Raleigh, North Carolina after their first child was born. They live in the city with their daughter and dog, Sunny.

After working in the television and radio business for a number of years, the pair decided to leave their media jobs in 2013. The couple launched a digital content company named Greenroom Communications. This is where the YouTube channel “the Holderness family” began.

Since 2013, Kim and Penn have been focused on their YouTube channel full time. In fact, the majority of their videos have surpassed one million views. When their popularity on YouTube reached the peak, they decided to start a production company to help businesses launch their products and campaigns.

Previously, Kim and Penn worked in TV news in Orlando and Denver. In 1998, they graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in telecommunications. Before they left the news field, they had appeared on HGTV’s “Designer Finals” and Inside Edition.

Kim and Penn have been married for 16 years. Their son is named Penn Charles. Throughout their marriage, the pair has had their fair share of bumps and bruises. However, they still enjoy spending every day together.

During their time on The Amazing Race, the pair used couples therapy as a way to help them win the competition. They also referred to their relationship as a superpower. It’s not easy to keep a marriage strong, but the pair say it’s worth the effort.

The couple has also been studying how to fight better. A new book they have written will be released in March of 2021. According to their website, it’s about how to make proper post-marriage communication.

They say that in order to make a great marriage, it’s important to get to know your partner. Whether it’s in person or on social media, it’s important to give them the room they need to feel comfortable. You can’t do everything alone, so it’s important to set boundaries and to have a good communication system.

Besides working in the media industry, the couple is also parents of two children. Their daughter, Lola, is one of the core members of their YouTube channel. Currently, they live in Raleigh, North Carolina with their dog Sunny.

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