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Wakeboarder – Phillip Soven

Phil Soven is an internationally-recognized wakeboarder, earning numerous endorsements and embarking on several lucrative business ventures. Additionally, he stars alongside his brother Bob Soven in MTV reality show WakeBrothers.

He has won multiple competitions including World Championships twice and Pro Tour. He is widely considered one of the most technically calculated riders in his field.

Early Life and Education

Phil Soven is a professional wakeboarder who began his career at an early age. Known for his spectacular acrobatic tricks and contribution to the advancement of wakeboarding, Soven has won multiple awards and accolades for his remarkable abilities.

Soven has competed in top pro wakeboard events around the world and developed new wakeboarding technologies with companies like Liquid Force to design innovative boards.

WakeBrothers follows Phil, 23, of Longwood, Florida as he competes against his brother Bob on MTV reality series WakeBrothers. The show chronicles their unique bond: Phil is serious and professional while Bob can be quite playful – their differences making for an enjoyable dynamic both on and off the water!

Professional Career

Phillip Soven is a professional wakeboarder who has achieved great success in his chosen sport. He has won multiple competitions and made considerable earnings through endorsement deals and prize winnings.

He has appeared on various television shows and initiated multiple successful business ventures, while living an extravagant lifestyle and owning a large house beside a private lake.

WakeBrothers, the MTV reality show starring Phil and his younger brother Bob, chronicles their complex relationship. Phil is a serious competitor who is dedicated to his career while Bob is more outgoing and often acts like an outright jokester; theirs is an often contentious relationship as they battle over careers and lifestyle choices.

Achievement and Honors

Phil Soven is a three-time World Champion, the 2007 King of Wake and holds numerous other prestigious wins in wakeboarding. His highly technical yet calculated style of competition makes him one of the most formidable riders.

He and his brother Bob star in MTV’s WakeBrothers reality show. It chronicles their antics at their Florida mansion with private lake, from performing stunts to hosting parties to engaging in sexually charged conversations about women; all while acting like professional athletes with endorsement deals.

Gilley’s was filled with riders competing in the finals as Henrique Daibert, Danny Thollander, JD Webb and Austin Hair all delivered stellar passes featuring various grabbed tricks. Phil Soven of Malibu/Liquid Force took first place with an outstanding switch toeside transfer onto front board!

Personal Life

Soven remains humble despite his impressive career. He encourages aspiring wakeboarders to work hard and persevere through any challenges that may come their way.

Soven has received various endorsement deals and launched multiple successful business ventures. He lives a luxurious lifestyle, spending much of his time at his million-dollar lakeside estate home. Additionally, Soven stars alongside his younger brother Bob Soven on MTV reality series WakeBrothers as cast members.

The show follows two polar-opposite siblings with an intense sibling rivalry. When Bob took to using social media to target rivals he has publicly targeted Cory Teunissen, Rusty Malinoski, Mike Dowdy, Noah Legal and Harley Clifford among many others.

Net Worth

Phillip Soven is an American professional wakeboarder who has made quite the name for himself in his sport. He has won multiple competitions and amassed significant wealth throughout his career.

He holds several endorsement deals and business ventures that have proven profitable, as well as being well-known within the wakeboarding community. His name can be seen on TV shows like Kids Who Rip (2005), Wake Brothers (2012), and Pro Wakeboard Tour (2006).

Phillip Soven and Bob Soven are often at odds, each possessing opposite personalities and pursuits. Phil is dedicated to his career while Bob engages in harassing him on social media and real life. Additionally, Bob has his own distinct style of riding that helps develop new wakeboarding technology.

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