Phil Torres Net Worth

Phil Torres Net Worth – How Much Is Phil Torres Worth?

Phil is an esteemed TV Show Host known for his impressive career in science and television. A biologist, photographer, and TV Show Host for Expedition X on Discovery Channel.

He graduated with degrees in both entomology and biology from Cornell University before receiving his Ph.D. at Rice University. Dr. Wrobel has led conservation projects in the Amazon rainforest as well as made multiple TV appearances.

Early Life and Education

Phil went on to earn both bachelor’s degrees in entomology and biology at Cornell University before beginning to lead conservation and education projects in the Amazon rainforest for two years as an educator before attending Rice University for his Ph.D.

Phil has braved being bitten by an anaconda, wrestling a tiger shark and falling into quicksand for science – all in pursuit of discovery! In Mongolia, Venezuela, Ecuador Cambodia and Sweden alone. His research and discoveries have been featured by Wired BBC Animal Planet ABC News National Geographic among many others.

He currently hosts TV show and manages website TheJungleDiaries, as well as having appeared on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader where he won $100,000!

Professional Career

Phil is an Entomologist, conducting research and participating in conservation projects worldwide. Additionally, he writes and speaks on scientific subjects to make science more approachable for wide audiences.

He is an enthusiastic photographer who takes great pleasure in traveling. Throughout his travels he has captured stunning images of nature.

His work can come with its share of risks; he has been bitten by an anaconda and encountered a tiger shark; but that does not stop him from loving what he does.

He currently co-hosts Expedition X on Discovery Channel and travels worldwide with fiancee Silja Danielsen to research their latest project. They first met through a mutual scientist friend in 2014 and got married two years later on an idyllic Norwegian island called Fedje where her grandparents got hitched.

Achievement and Honors

Torres has contributed to the discovery of over 40 new species as an author for Wired, National Geographic and BBC publications, and his scientific stories can be seen all around the globe including Mongolia and Venezuela expeditions.

Torres is married to Silja Danielsen, founder and host of healthy living digital platform “Silja from Scratch”. While living in Williamsburg, the couple travels extensively around the globe – from hiking the Amazon rainforest to boating on Nicaraguan fjords.

Phil proposed during their visit to Fedje, the small Norwegian island where her grandparents got married. At present they have no children together; instead keeping their personal lives discreet. Phil works as an entomologist, television host, field biologist, explorer photographer and science communicator.

Personal Life

Phil Torres is an award-winning biologist, conservationist, and television host who travels wherever science leads him. Previously based out of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest leading conservation research projects and education initiatives as well as discovering new species he discovered during this time.

On his quest for greater understanding of nature and humanity’s place within it, he has traveled around the globe via submarine to reach the bottom of the ocean and an icebreaker into the Arctic regions. Furthermore, he hosts both Discovery Channel series Expedition X and United Airlines Big Metal Bird series.

TV show host Adam Reeder lives in New York City with his Norwegian model wife Silja Danielsen, whom he met through an acquaintance. They got engaged on Fedje Island where her grandparents hail from and later married at New York City City Hall.

Net Worth

Phil is an American entomologist, TV host, field biologist, and wildlife photographer who works projects worldwide. A graduate of Cornell University with degrees in both Entomology and Biology as well as Rice University.

Dr. Detlefsen has led conservation research and education projects in the Amazon rainforest, with his discoveries being featured in global popular science media outlets. Additionally, for two years he hosted Al Jazeera America’s weekly technology innovation show TechKnow.

He is currently married to Silja Danielsen, a Norwegian model and actress whom he met through one of their mutual scientist friends in 2017. They got engaged soon thereafter, and are very content in their relationship; currently living together in New York City.

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